Here’s Why Donald Faison is a Good Pick for Booster Gold

Selecting actors for superhero or villain roles can be a little tough at times since there are typically at least a few individuals that can take on various roles, and the perspective of others makes it even more difficult since one person might endorse one actor for the role while another might think that another actor is perfect. In this case, the character of Booster Gold is one that has garnered an entire list of names of those that others think might be possible candidates. There’s a good reason for all of the names on the list to be fair since Booster Gold is, to those that don’t know, a hero that starts out as kind of a pain the backside for the other heroes since he’s a bit vain and is probably better off being ignored simply because he thinks way too highly of himself. One could say that he eventually became the type of hero he wanted to be, but it wasn’t exactly an easy trip from point A to B. But there is a reason why Donald Faison might be a good pick for this role.

For one thing, Donald has the type of energy that might exemplify Booster since remembering back to his days on Scrubs, when he played the young surgeon Turk, he had plenty of moments when he was the type of vainglorious individual that acted like the rock star of the hospital and didn’t always know when to button it up. But that type of energy feels like what is needed to play a character like Booster Gold since it could introduce him in the manner that a lot of fans remember and then possibly calm the character down a bit as time went on. Or, Faison’s ability to build himself up on screen could be better served by making Booster kind of a jerk, but a useful jerk. 

As the DC universe continues to include more characters it’s bound to happen that some choices aren’t going to be as clear as others but there does appear to be a rhyme and reason for every move that’s made when casting various characters, and this is usually seen when one a show or a movie gets rolling. Whether Faison will be the guy that everyone wants to see or not is kind of up to the fans when it comes down to it, but it’s fair to think that he’ll make a convincing go of it. There have been plenty of individuals that people didn’t think were cut out for one role or another, but somehow surprises tend to come now and then that people don’t expect, and those surprises end up being one of the best things that could have happened. Donald Faison has usually been known best for his sense of comedy and drama, and it could be that this is why some folks think that he would be great for the part of  Booster Gold, but one has to remember that he did show up in another superhero role, as he was a part of Kick-Ass 2. Granted, his hero persona was a bit of a joke like many others in the movie, but at the very least he has a little experience. 

One of the great things about casting for superheroes is that there is a very wide pool of actors from which to select the right person. Sometimes the right person isn’t easy to find, and then sometimes the right person is the last person that one might expect. Given that this is Booster Gold that we’re talking about, Donald could be exactly the right person that’s needed when it comes to having a sense of humor. As for the swap from the comic version to live-action, the idea that a white character could become a person of color has become far more common in the last decade, and to be fair, it might be kind of interesting to see if Booster’s backstory might change at all, or if things will be kept largely the same. It’s bound to happen that Donald could take the character and make his story something both amazing and kind of hilarious at the same time. 

Whether or not this will work is kind of tough to say since nothing is ever certain until the act has finally been laid down and viewed by the fans. But thus far a good number of the DC characters that have been selected have been accepted by the fans and have been kept around for a while. If Donald can bring his own style of humor to the character it would be fun to see since he’s been an enjoyable actor for years, and he’s been one of those that people can’t help but appreciate whenever he’s seen. 

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