Why a Scrubs Reunion Movie Is a Bad Idea

Why a Scrubs Reunion Movie Is a Bad Idea

Why a Scrubs Reunion Movie Is a Bad Idea

If you were an avid fan of Scrubs it’s probably hard to say that it might not be the best idea for creating a reunion movie since really, the fact that the show ended in a way that made sense should have precluded that it had reached a terminus of sorts that indicated that everyone that was left had moved on in some way or were comfortable where they were. In a sense, Scrubs doesn’t really need a reunion movie but according to MovieWeb it might get one anyway just to see beyond the finale so that people can be assured that JD and Turk managed to do something with their lives and become the family men that people wanted them to be. Of course there’s no telling what Dr. Cox and the rest might do since things can happen and no matter how much people want to predict where their favorite characters are it’s likely that the writers would come up with something entirely different than what people were expecting. To be realistic it did feel as though there was enough closure at the end of the show to leave it as it was, but then the idea that anything can be continued and that reboots, remakes, and new adaptations of old favorites are the current big thing in show business has been around for a little while and it’s obvious that people are willing and eager to continue that trend.

Another problem however is that when transitioning from TV to the big screen there’s usually something that’s lost in the initial show as it has to now work on a timetable that’s a lot different than an episodic show is used to. Movies tend to take at least one and a half to two hours to build up the plot, come to a climax, and then move towards a resolution. TV shows usually only have thirty minutes to an hour to do this, meaning they have to move quickly and cut out a lot of exposition in order to get in every pertinent point that needs to be covered. Doing this with Scrubs feels like it would lengthen a lot of their jokes, make it nearly impossible to sustain the laughter that long, and possibly make us realize that in small doses, JD and the rest of the cast are great since they’re funny and witty enough to be good for a quick interaction and even a longer drama sequence. But moving to the movie format, even if it does become a TV movie, feels like it would make this show lose a little something in the process.

Plus, even Zach Braff and Donald Faison are ready and willing to come back, how many other cast members would be willing to show up? Keep in mind that a lot of actors have moved on and gone on to other projects. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Scrubs or even any of the main actors in a big way so it’s fair to state that people might have moved on and gone on to do other things and don’t have a lot of time to consider this. The simple excuse for saying that the movie isn’t needed is that a lot of people might say that they want to remember Scrubs the way it was and leave it at that, but that’s based off emotion more than anything and kind of ignores that it could possibly happen if everything fell into place the way it needed to. That however would imply that the actors absolutely needed this job and had nothing else going on in their lives, which for a good number of them usually isn’t the case as a lot of the actors have stayed fairly busy throughout the years. Plus, we did see JD and Turk, as well as several of the other actors, go through a long and very revealing development process over the years and it feels accurate to say that every character reached a point where they were comfortable with themselves and their place in the grand scheme of things, so it’s likely that leaving them alone and assuming that they’re doing just fine is the best course of action.

Sometimes digging into a story a little further can do wonders as it’s brought back in a way that makes a lot of sense and invigorates the story in a manner that allows it to be seen in a new light. Other times however it brings everyone back and just makes a mockery of the main idea that it’s based off of. That may or may not happen with Scrubs, but bringing out a reunion movie might not be the wisest idea, simply because the show ended on a satisfying note for a lot of fans.

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