Let’s Talk About Brie Larson as Samus

Let’s Talk About Brie Larson as Samus

Let’s Talk About Brie Larson as Samus

There’s talk at the moment about Brie Larson taking on the role of Samus Aran in a Metroid movie eventually, but that’s all it is right now, just talk. The desire of the star to take on the role of the notorious Nintendo-based bounty hunter is something that Brie has wanted for a few years now, but nothing has come it for a few reasons, one of the most important being that she’s been busy with the MCU, and another being that the talk of a Metroid movie didn’t go so well about a decade ago. John Woo was even tapped to produce this movie back in 2004, which would have been well before Brie could take on the lead role. But as of now, it does sound as though Brie wants to step into the suit and see what she can do. It’s been long enough for some folks that they probably forgot the story of Metroid and what the character of Samus was all about, but a lot of gamers are still well aware of what the armored bounty hunter is up to and how the story could possibly be adapted for a modern audience. 

But whether we’ll see this happen in the next decade or so is hard to tell since, at the moment, Brie is bound up in the MCU and whatever other projects come along, but she’s been adamant so far about wanting to play the part, so perhaps something will happen that might make it possible. In the meantime, a lot of people will be looking forward to seeing her in the next Captain Marvel movie that will be pushing the MCU ever forward and perhaps even putting a different spin on her character. There have been rumors that Captain Marvel might become an antagonist at one point or another, but if that does happen one can easily guess that it will have something to do with being controlled by someone else. 

Such an idea might be kind of abhorrent for those that have come to think of her as the face of the MCU, but the fact is that every character is susceptible to something, and there’s always going to be someone stronger out there that will be able to take advantage of one or more characters, especially when it comes to the comics. As far as Captain Marvel being the face of the MCU, there are a lot of people that would be on board with this, while some might want to think that there are other worthy candidates that they would like to see take the place of Tony Stark for a while since at this time it doesn’t feel that Brie Larson is really the face, though she is, by all means, an important character in the franchise. As her career continues to move along though it’s fair to say that unless the Metroid idea does come to fruition there’s only so much time to make it happen before it will be too late, though it could be possible that if she serves her own tenure with the MCU long enough, and if she does have that kind of desire, that it might happen if someone can finally come up with a working script. 

It does stand to reason that another video game movie might require a certain touch to make it work in a manner that will wow the audience without giving them a reason to tear it apart in the form of criticism, but given the fact that other movies based on games have been getting noticeably better over the years, it’s not too hard to state that Larson might have the necessary experience to make this work. Some might disagree since they might see Larson as a great Captain Marvel but might have trouble seeing her as an armored bounty hunter that’s out to stop a bunch of space pirates from causing all sorts of trouble. There’s also the idea of what might be in store for a movie such as Metroid and what direction it might be given if it does get that far. The fact is that some folks love Larson in an action role and others think that she still has a lot to learn. 

The bottom line is that if this movie does happen it will no doubt firmly cement Larson as an action hero, especially for those that are still on the fence about such a subject. Or, it will make her appear less than capable depending on how she acts out the part and how she takes on the character of Samus. As of right now, there are more opinions flying around than facts since until something happens, there’s no telling if she’s really perfect for the part or just thinks she is. It’s worth thinking about though. 

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