Here’s the First Footage from Cobra Kai Season 3

Was Mr. Miyagi keeping a secret from Daniel all those years ago? That’s hard to believe for some folks, but it would appear that something is brewing for Cobra Kai season 3 and it’s going to be a shocker for Daniel and the audience alike since up to this point everyone thought that Miyagi had been completely open with his student. Of course one could go back to the moment in the movies when, while intoxicated, Mr. Miyagi let it slip that he’d lost his wife and child, a devastating turn of events that the old teacher likely wouldn’t have given away had he been sober. So what else was he hiding? It also looks as though Daniel will be making a trip back to Okinawa, perhaps to gain some sense of balance to his life since after season 2 things have spiraled out of control in a very big way. So far the footage that’s been revealed is bound to confuse and continue to build the tension with fans since everyone has been waiting on this series to get going again, much like everything else, and what will happen to the Cobra Kai dojo is definitely something that people want to know about since with John Kreese back in control there’s not a lot of doubt that his hard-hitting, unmerciful ways will return. The question is, will the students of today remember what it was like to be picked on and relent at some point, or will they continue to walk the same path their former sensei did? Right now Johnny has obviously seen the error of his ways, but whether he’ll crawl back into a bottle and try to hide or do what he can to get his life back in order is a big question mark that needs to be solved.

Plus, is that Chozen near the end of the trailer? That would be perfect really since Chozen was another individual that Daniel tussled with, and another person that thought Daniel had wronged him. In Chozen’s defense, he was, much like Johnny, already a master of his domain despite being something of a cruel and uncaring individual. Enter Daniel LaRusso, an outsider that didn’t know how things worked in Okinawa, and someone that despite being a decent person kind of upset Chozen’s world in a big way. No, I won’t be arguing that Daniel was the villain, but he was a pretty clumsy hero since he stepped all over someone without taking the time to understand them. Granted, Chozen didn’t give him much of a chance either since he was too focused on hating Daniel and Miyagi thanks to the attitude of his own sensei and uncle, Sato. But if Chozen is coming back, and he’s talking about Miyagi’s secrets, then there has to be more that Miyagi was holding back than we were meant to realize. Is there a hidden connection between Miyagi and Chozen? It would make sense in a way, but it makes even more sense to bring him back since he and Daniel have a history together, hopefully, the history that can be settled as Chozen might be yet another chapter in Daniel’s life that needs to be finished before he can move on and find balance.

Unfortunately, Cobra Kai season 3 won’t be coming back until 2021, but one can bet that the fans will be hoping for more and more footage as the date gets closer since there’s plenty that needs to be settled and the characters that we’ve already come to care about are kind of stuck at the moment since Daniel is watching his marriage crumble while his daughter and students are suffering for the sins of his past. Johnny is in no better shape since he’s had his students turn on him and his old mentor took back what was his from the start, so both main characters are finding that the grudge they couldn’t let go is tearing their lives apart. One can only hope that Daniel and Johnny will finally call a truce and make things work somehow, but if there are more seasons of Cobra Kai to come then it could be that season three will only go deeper into the problem and possibly tease a solution by the time season 4 is ready to come forward. But how far this is going to go has yet to be seen. One thing that might be interesting would be if Mike Barnes from Karate Kid III, or Terry Silver, come back into the picture since they played two of the main antagonists in the third movie. That might be pushing it when thinking of how many characters could be added to the story without over-saturating it since Johnny’s friends did manage to come back in the second season for a bit. However it happens, season 3 is bound to present a huge shift in the lives of those involved, and seeing Daniel and Johnny finally come to terms might be nice.

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