Here’s Why Season 3 of Scandal Was the Best Season

Here’s Why Season 3 of Scandal Was the Best Season

Here’s Why Season 3 of Scandal Was the Best Season

One of the hardest things in this world to do, if you’re an avid Scandal fan, is to pick a favorite season. Do you pick the most romantic or the most action-packed? Let’s face it, those steamy scenes between Liv and the POTUS were amazing.  But then again, so were the scenes between our fave leading lady/PR genius and Jake. And, the many scenes involving B6-13, which secret government agency involved in plenty of Black Ops but that seems to answer to nobody, well except to Olivia’s murderous Dad, and all that macho action stuff is pretty hard to resist, too.

OK, so our all-time favorite action scene has got to be Olivia pummeling the bad guy with a chair until he was just a bloody lump on the floor, which was pretty exciting, too. The faint-of-heart may have had to turn away but most of us Scandal fans were simply yelling “Go Liv!”  But if we had to pick a best season, it’s season 3 and here’s why:

The VP Gets Even!

OK, so back to the difficult task of choosing a favorite season out of so many great ones. Of all of the seasons, we chose Season 3 for the non-stop action and a bunch of red herrings. This season actually gives the character of VP Sally Langston a lot more to do than just talk-talk-talking ad nauseum on her tacky TV show. She actually has the balls to run against Fitz for President and then shows that they’re really really big ones when she viciously murders her embarrassingly gay hubby, Daniel Douglas, with an antique letter opener in their colonial living room. And, then she gets Cyrus to help her cover it up. Here’s the video of that scene (but be forewarned that the choppy editing and blood splatter all over her pasty white face might leave you a big queasy) –

Episode 18- Let’s Drink, Fight, and (well, you know)

In episode 18, which was one of the most exciting of the season, it seems like it was non-stop action from the fights between Fitz and Liv, as well as between members of the Jake/Liv/Fitz love triangle, Mellie’s drinking, Liv’s mother turning out to be alive and the Queen of Evil, and some disturbing S&M-based sex scenes between co-workers Huck and Quinn. And yes, Mellie drinks some more in practically all of her scenes. In a later season, when Liv becomes First Lady, she finally understands why Mellie drank so much. For some of the best moments from episode 18 of this season of Scandal, take a look at this video

Season 3 Finale- Fly Away! (far, far away)

And then there was the season 3 finale. Talk about action. It has everything from explosions to Olivia’s Father getting shot but living through it, President Fitzgerald’s son dying (which was quite a shocker), paternity test results involving the deceased son and the President’s father raping Mellie long ago, and some more of those disturbing wild and crazy scenes between, you guessed it, co-workers Huck and Quinn. The topper is when Liv accepts her father’s offer of a one-way Lear jet trip to a remote location so that she can just start over. That leads to one of those super-romantic Jake and Olivia scenes as they fly off into the sunset to start Season 4 on a gorgeous sun-drenched deserted island. (Sigh.) Here’s a great compilation of the season 3 finale’s most exciting moments

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