Henry Cavill Is Leaving “The Witcher”?

Henry Cavill Is Leaving “The Witcher”?
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People are waiting in great anticipation for season 3 of The Witcher, and yet this new announcement that season 4 will not feature Henry Cavill as the titular character is something of a bombshell that has yet to truly show any effect on people. It could be that people are still processing the information and might have more to say about it in the months to come, but it could also be that no one is really surprised by this turn of events, especially since it’s been made clear that Henry Cavill is going to be taking on the role of Superman for the DCEU once again. He’s also going to be busy with other projects in the coming months and years, so it’s not tough to assume that he would have little to no time to take up the role of Geralt once again. Instead, it sounds as though season 3 will see that role go to Liam Hemsworth, which feels like an odd choice to be sure, but also feels like it could work if things go well. So far it doesn’t sound as though any other changes have been made to the cast, but this is significant enough that one can’t help but think that it’s going to have a huge effect on the series as it moves forward. 

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The obvious question is: Why Liam Hemsworth?

There’s nothing against Liam, he’s a fine actor and has played his part in several different movies. But when thinking about who he’s going to be replacing it feels as though it’s kind of an odd pick since Liam and Henry are quite different in look and build. Maybe Liam is going to hit the weights and start bulking up a bit. It’s tough to think of how fans are going to accept Geralt being big and buff and then suddenly appearing as a slimmer, toned version such as is seen in the video games. Some fans might want to think that this would be more acceptable, but at this point, it’s very easy to say that Cavill has been the version of Geralt that a lot of people have grown used to. 

Is there going to be a look back at Geralt’s past? 

The animated features that have found their way to Netflix have made it clear that Geralt’s origin owes much to the stories that have been told and that have at some point featured a young version of the Witcher. Perhaps Liam is being brought in to show the earlier years of how Geralt came to be a Witcher and maybe even show people that he wasn’t always the deadly killing machine that he’s been in the past two seasons. Or the story could move forward and people will be expected to accept the new face and look as it is, in which case it feels that the reputation of the show might be up for grabs at this point since there’s no way to tell if people are going to accept Liam in place of Cavill. 

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It’s an easy bet that fans are going to have plenty to say. 

This is kind of a given since fans always have something to say whether it’s good or bad. But it does feel as though plenty of Witcher fans are going to pipe up when it comes to the replacement most of all since Cavill isn’t going to be replaced mid-season, even being given the idea that he’s not going to be there for the season after is bound to give people plenty to talk about. The story in season 3 is bound to be quick and furious and likely even one of the most impressive now that it’s understood that Cavill won’t be returning for the one to follow, but speculation about season 4 is undoubtedly going to be something that people will be leaning into rather hard. The thing about that is, season 3 isn’t supposed to release until the summer of 2023, so it’s very possible that season 4 won’t be coming around until a year later if things go well, or two years later if things don’t go well. 

Maybe Cavill will return at some point? 

The hope of course would be that Cavill might return for a final season after he’s managed to complete his other roles in the various projects he’s set to appear in during the years to come. It’s a faint hope, but it’s one that a lot of fans might enjoy clinging to since it feels as though Liam might be stepping in just to help out while Cavill is gone. But it could also be that Cavill is done with this character and is ready to move on. There is some hope simply because people thought he was done with the role of Superman as well. But we’ll have to wait and see how things turn out. 

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