Heels: “Swerve” Recap

If anyone ever says that ego isn’t a part of pro wrestling then they’re either lying or they haven’t watched enough wrestling to know the truth. Even if the truth behind the show is that everyone is friendly and the stars are completely different from their characters, the truth is that there’s still a lot of ego that goes into wrestling. This episode of heels kind of drove that point home as Ace made it his mission to make Crystal jealous and get his way in the ring. Will Bill also made it just as obvious when he inserted himself back into DWL no matter that Jack had told him to leave. For someone that’s a genius of making a fool of himself, Wild Bill might have gone barking up the wrong tree as he started sowing seeds of discord in the locker room, especially when it came to Crystal and Ace. Not only has he convinced both of them that they’re more important than they are, but he’s made it clear that he’s stepping back into the ring and plans to take what he wants rather than earn it back. 

The game of divide and conquer that Wild Bill is playing though feels like it might end up blowing up in his face simply because he’s playing a long game that allows Jack and the rest of the locker room to not only figure him out but also come up with a plan to humiliate him all over again. That might be just an observation and not part of the story, but it would certainly be a great way to keep the whole thing going since Ace is spiraling out of control as he now has a new valet, and it’s obvious that things between him and Crystal have heated up in a way that is detrimental to the brand since Ace, no matter how good he is in the ring, simply can’t separate himself entirely from the persona that he’s been given as a heel. He wants to have his cake and eat it too, as the saying goes, and if Bobby’s in the way, then it’s apparent that Ace is going to knock him out of the way so that he can have his own glory. 

In the meantime, Jack’s son Thomas has grown up with wrestling and yet still doesn’t fully know what’s fake and what’s real since for one thing, the wrestlers he’s been around are pretty good at what they do, and second, it’s likely that he never expected his uncle, the guy he looks up to, would be turned into a heel. There’s no doubt that Thomas knows a great deal about the business, as he proved when he and his father met with the trio that was responsible for welcoming the DWL into the county fair, which will no doubt be one heck of an episode. But Thomas, still being young, is still figuring out the dynamic between his uncle and his father and as a result, Jack slamming Ace into a Pepsi machine after Ace landed Bobby Pin in the hospital with a serious injury wasn’t something that Thomas needed to see. The one thing that is evident when asking anyone about pro wrestling is that there have been issues backstage in nearly every promotion since egos clash, people get angry, and folks tend to lash out at each other in very real ways. 

One positive note to the show was that all the tension that’s been building between Rooster and Jack finally settled just a bit when Jack approached Rooster after a battle royale that Rooster almost won, even though Diego was supposed to, and admitted that he saw him for who he was. Jack might come off as uncaring and cold at times, but he knows Rooster’s value as he stated and he agrees that Rooster deserves a push that could up his value in the DWL. For his own part, Rooster is a skilled wrestler with an ego, and he knows that he’s worth more. But sometimes his attitude flares up a bit too much and it becomes a matter of one man facing the establishment when in truth it should be the entire locker room finding it possible to trust the man that’s writing their scripts. 

It’s fair to think that there’s a great deal of frustration in professional wrestling, especially when the testosterone starts flowing and people that can’t handle their mood swings don’t get their way. This has been one of the biggest problems with Ace so far, as he can’t separate himself from his in-ring persona and has allowed himself to get caught up in the role, much to the detriment of all those around him so far. With the county fair coming up for DWL, it’s anyone’s guess as to what’s going to happen. 

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