Heels Will Get a Second Season On Starz

Some of us were definitely hoping this could happen since the first season of Heels ended on a pretty high note with Crystal taking the DWL title while Ace walked off, leaving his brother Jack and Wild Bill in the ring while Bobby Pin looked on. The buildup of drama during season one of Heels has been great, but there’s bound to be plenty more thanks to the unrest caused by Rooster leaving and Charlie Gulley almost wrecking the big show by sabotaging, or attempting to sabotage, the state fair event to ruin DWL and embarrass Ace all over again. The idea of throwing the packages of tissues and chanting for Jack was enough to get Ace to flip on his brother, especially considering that after all they’d been through, it was easy to guess that Ace would easily be triggered once again and would likely beat Jack to within an inch of his life. The realism of the match did start to upset a few people since there is a time when kayfabe breaks down and those that are really watching can see that the wrestlers might have an actual issue with each other.

So far this show has made it clear that what people thought about wrestling is fairly important when it comes to the overall story, but it’s also pressed the idea that beyond the ring, every wrestler has a different life that a lot of people might know nothing about. Fans that come to the shows might think that the characters they’re seeing are the real deal, and it’s true that some wrestlers don’t have a different persona since they put themselves in the ring for display. But many wrestlers that step into the ring do have a different side of themselves that comes out when they’re performing. This show brings that to light in a big way everytime it pulls away from the ring, which is often since much of the story takes place outside of the ring between brothers Ace and Jack Spade, as both want to be the big deal in the DWL and it’s Jack that took over the wrestling business from their father Tom, who killed himself not long before the show started, going by the events that are seen throughout season 1.

The story is easy to follow and actually more than a little entertaining as Jack Spade is attempting to keep his family together, their house in one piece, and the DWL rolling along while he keeps his talent happy, which isn’t easy to say the least. But as the DWL is constantly being put down and run through the mud by their rival, Charlie Gulley, another wrestling promoter that’s attempting to put DWL out of business, Jack is doing everything he can to keep his promotion running, which includes screwing over his younger brother to keep the title belt, and running one tired story after another in the ring. Near the end of the season however this all starts coming to a head as it’s discovered that Rooster, one of the Jack’s best performers, defects from DWL and signs with Gulley, while Gulley is revealed to be courting Rooster to get to Ace, who he thinks would be the star attraction of his show. When Jack makes a daring move to get Ace back, the two promotions are officially at war, which could be where season decides to pick up.

It’s already been stated that production on season 2 won’t start until 2022, so it’s easy to think that if we see this show return by late next year it would be kind of a surprise, though it could be early to mid 2023 depending on how everything goes. With the effects of the pandemic still hanging around it’s hard to say what will happen since COVID-19 threw everyone for a loop and is still being felt within the entertainment industry at this time. Protocols are in place one just about every project that’s being pushed, but things do happen from time to time as a lot of people have come to realize over the past year and a half, and if 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we don’t control every variable that comes our way.

It might take a while, but one can bet that we’re going to be talking about Heels as it continues to come up in the news, and it’s fair to say that this is one of the several shows that’s been entirely enjoyable throughout the entire first season. While it doesn’t give everything away all at once and definitely comes out with a few shocking moments now and then, Heels is still a show that knows how to play to the crowd and leave people wanting more, which is fitting given the type of lifestyle that it’s depicting.

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