Heels: “Cutting Promos” Recap

Heels: “Cutting Promos” Recap

Heels: “Cutting Promos” Recap

The further into this show one goes, the more they find out about the characters that are being played, and Ace Spade actually showed a little more heart this time around which was kind of surprising. Up until now, he’s been little more than the troubled young wrestler that’s extremely selfish and throws a fit when he doesn’t get his way. But when it comes to his nephew he’s a big softie since he loves the kid quite a bit. Unfortunately, when it comes to his father he tends to clam up a bit and becomes hard to talk to. The fact that his father killed himself and Ace was the first one that found him doesn’t help matters at all, nor does it help that he and his big brother Jack tend to fight constantly. But at the moment it would appear that Ace is at least trying to turn things around, but it’s going to be a long road if such a thing ever does have a chance of happening. One thing that’s very evident is that Jack and Ace’s mother Carol has never forgiven her late husband for what he did. 

It’s true that the show has become a bit of a male soap opera, much like wrestling, but the depth it’s going to in order to show the hardships that some wrestlers have to face and the kind of corporate nonsense that gets tossed about is likely fictional to a certain degree but is a little too on the mark for some folks to deny. This episode definitely focuses on Wild Bill and his final fall from grace as he had to face his corporate bosses when it came to redesigning a championship belt that makes the WWE Championship spinner version look like a classy piece of hardware. Wild Bill’s continual decline finally sees him being forced to shack up with his ex, Willie, when he decides to pull a wild stunt on an airplane while calling his bosses a word that simply isn’t polite in any conversation.

In the meantime, a fire in the Spade household forces Jack to take his family to his mother’s as apparently the squirrels in the attic chewed up the wiring, which is bound to cause problems all over the place. And of course, spending a night or so at Carol’s brings the family together, but during grace, it brings out the worst part in Carol since after her grandson includes his deceased grandfather in his prayers, she reminds him that Tom Spade committed suicide and according to her religious beliefs, he’s now burning in hell. One might wonder why some folks don’t follow one religion or another after this, but Ace manages to put his nephew’s mind at ease, kind of, by doing a little damage control, while Staci discusses with Carol why she’s still so angry at Tom for what he did. What Carol reveals though is something that a lot of people could agree with, that anger is far easier to manage than grief, even though it’s not recommended since anger can usually turn inward and cause a person to become extremely bitter. 

On the lighter side of things, Bobby is coming into his own as a face for DWL with the help of Crystal as he finally finds his identity as the regular good guy that he is. The problem with this is that since Ace has embraced his heel side and is doing his best to separate who he really is from his character, he’s getting interested in Crystal again. When he finds that Crystal and Bobby are spending more time together, however, it’s a little obvious that he’s not too happy about it as he keys Bobby’s rig in retaliation, making it clear that he’s not quite at that point where he can let go of Crystal yet, no matter that he’s already made it clear that they’re not in a relationship. The kayfabe isn’t working as well as some might like since the feelings outside of the ring are changing, meaning that Bobby is looking at Crystal in a different light, and Crystal is likely torn as to whether she likes Bobby or if she’s willing to give Ace another shot. 

That certainly doesn’t stop Ace from finding another woman to warm the sheets with, nor does it help the fact that he can’t get over the sound of the gunshot that changed the Spade family only months before. Things are still escalating even as the DWL cuts a promo that’s reminiscent of the WWE when they would take things outside the ring in an attempt to gain more notice for their brand. The mention that Jack even challenged The Rock, yes THE Rock, to a match was kind of amusing since it’s probably fairly true to life that something like that happened in the past. 

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