“Heels” Gets Its First Full Trailer for Starz and It’s Powerful

We’ve been waiting for Heels and it’s almost here, and it looks like it will be a few different kinds of awesome since it’s not bound to just be a show about two brothers reviving a wrestling promotion, it’s looking like it will be a story with many different working parts that will be even more impressive. So far as we’ve learned over the years, the life of a professional wrestler is anything but simple, since a lot of them have been scratching and scraping for quite some time in order to carve out their own niche in the business so they can be successful. Even then it’s not a sure thing, since there’s always new talent coming up and trying to prove their superiority in a business where if one isn’t maintaining their career or rising in one way or another, they’re bound to become a jobber, meaning they’ll become someone that’s there to be pounded on by the up and coming talent. Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig will play Jack and Ace Spade, two brothers that are looking to revive their father’s business. But from the trailer, it’s easy to assume that things aren’t bound to go well.

Being a wrestler is a hard life unless one can make it work, and even then there are a lot of wrestlers that are on the road constantly and don’t have much of a chance to be the family-oriented individuals they want to be. This show is bound to take on the pressures that come with trying to be a professional wrestler while also trying to be a decent person and a family man in Jack’s case, while Ace already appears to be the black sheep of the family that didn’t get out of the small town when he wanted and is essentially stuck there since he doesn’t know how to leave or even what he wants apart from wrestling.

Another fun fact that’s taken as a glimpse in the trailer is that women will be looking for their place in this show as well, which is bound to be a little comical simply because of the scene near the end of the trailer where one of the main ladies in question performs a takedown and then just walks off. Any man that tells me that didn’t get their heart pumping a little quicker is lying to themselves since men of any sexual orientation should be able to look at that and say ‘wow’. Women have definitely fought for their place in professional wrestling and to this date, they’ve definitely earned what they have and are proving more and more that they belong in the ring. There are still very few that can take on a lot of the men they work with and around, but Heels looks as though it might champion the idea of women wrestlers as well, and that’s another mark in its favor since the manager/valet/cheerleader days aren’t entirely gone, but they’re moving in that direction. Women have shown what they can do when it comes to the in-ring action they’re capable of, but what’s kind of sad is that they’ve been doing this for a long time without the same respect that the men have received.

No, I’m not becoming a male feminist for those who might wonder, but giving credit where it’s due is important, and the fact that this show is bound to touch on that subject is kind of fun to see since it’s likely that there will be a few issues within the first season that will be highlighted, and it’s bound to happen that people will either love it or want to see less of it. The latter doesn’t feel likely since things have been changing in wrestling for a while, and women taking to the ring to show what they can do has been exciting for more than the simple reason that adolescent males and grown men get to see women in skin-tight outfits. At one time the high-flying antics of female wrestlers weren’t quite as exciting as the men’s matches, but these days the women take just as many risks and have entered the same matches as the men do. If you need an example, take a look at the WWE, especially at the recent Money in the Bank PPV.

Heels might not be a ground-breaking show since the spotlight has been seen to shine on the behind-the-scenes moments of the wrestling world for a while. But it still looks like a nicely dramatized look at something that a lot of people tend to take for granted. The hope is that Amell and Ludwig will come off as two brothers that are doing their best to honor their father’s legacy but are somehow coming up short and need to find a way to revive the business he started.

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