When Hedwig’s Theme From “Harry Potter” Meets Heavy Metal

Having Hedwig’s theme from Harry Potter meet heavy metal almost reminds me of the many collaborations that have been initiated throughout the years. The blending of the two different types of music has a strange but appealing quality that makes them both a little more complete and a lot of fun to listen to. Metal is harder, more edgy, whereas the classical music flows much easier, doesn’t challenge the listener as much, and can be grasped in a much softer way. In some ways combining the two almost feels as though you’re wrapping something delicate within a sheet of metal and tying it with a cord made of barbed wire. You know what’s in there and it works together but it’s two very different things.

That’s the appeal of it though. These two very different sounds coming together is something that a lot of people might not have expected in the first place and might have even cringed away from at first. But once it hit people had to admit that it was pretty enjoyable. The manner in which these two pieces blend is something unique that has been utilized now for a while and has been seen as something worth doing as an example, but not always in the movie. If this had been put into the Harry Potter movie I do believe there are a LOT of people that would have had an issue with. After all, the rough nature of the tune doesn’t really lend itself to the whole Harry Potter theme. In fact you didn’t even get to see the students really get into any music until The Goblet of Fire, and even then it wasn’t heavy metal.

But keeping in mind that the two don’t always seem to go together, the idea of it is that while they don’t always fit into the movie, outside the movie anything goes.  At this point I’ve heard a few clips that sounded just absolutely wonderful and were used with the themes of shows that would likely never turn to heavy metal for their musical needs. It’s not so much what would fit within the canon, but what people want to hear. I happen to love the heavy metal versions of some of these songs that have appeared online and continue to love listening to them when they pop up. Obviously these folks have a serious love for the franchises since they’re inspired to create music that follows off the main tracks.

The idea to turn more melodious songs into metal songs isn’t entirely innovative anymore since it’s been done so much but it’s still worth the effort as far as I’m concerned since it gives them a different sound and a different appeal to many people. What some folks might not have listened to outside of a movie they might want to jam to now that it’s been turned into something they can relate to. And to be honest it’s not disrespectful in the least since it follows the pattern of the original music and doesn’t get too crazy.

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