Korobeiniki (Tetris Theme) Performed by a Hardware Orchestra

Korobeiniki (Tetris Theme) Performed by a Hardware Orchestra

At some point and time someone found it amusing to make a game out of something we all learn to do when we’re still young children, stacking blocks. More than this though, they made it so that each time you stack a full line worth of blocks they disappear while more and more blocks are descending from the top of the screen. Then, to make it even more interesting, there are different-sized blocks that can fit in different ways depending upon how you turn them. There are so many variations that you have to find the right fit in order to keep completing solid lines across the screen. And the more you get, the faster it begins to go. All the while that maddening music seems to just keep hammering at you as each block falls and you have to force yourself to react quicker and quicker. That’s the kind of memory this really awoke in me when I listened to this clip for the first time.

The only difference between this and other similar attempts, aside from the music, is that this one isn’t quite as convincing. It may very well be done by the hardware orchestra just as the others but there’s still the feeling that there’s something extra being done to make the attempt work. I could just be hearing things but it does sound like there is an accompanying tune to this effort that has to be there in order to make everything come out sounding okay.

It’s not really a bad thing to be perfectly honest. The Tetris theme is a little more complicated than other tunes and could possibly require just a little more to make it sound authentic. Whatever the case it’s instantly recognizable.

There have been so many games after Tetris that have tried to pick up on the same theme and make it something different and exciting, but the original is always the best. People have played it on their phones, their Gameboy’s, at work on the PC, and anywhere they can get the program. It begs the question as to whether or not the creators of the game really ever envisioned that Tetris would go this far and possibly become a legend in the gaming world. It’s such a simple game that many people would likely roll their eyes at it while trying to understand just how anyone could think it was hard.

Well, they’re not wrong. Tetris is all about keeping your mind focused and being able to deal with what’s being given in an efficient and straightforward manner. The game isn’t about tricks and it’s not filled with hidden Easter eggs that might draw your attention away from the main point. It’s just a fun game that was brought light many years ago and is still a fun way to spend a few minutes or more. Plus, once the player starts going up levels it becomes gradually harder until at some point the pieces are coming down as blurs and your fingers have to be moving quickly and precisely to get them to fit.

It can be challenging, but only for those that have the patience to get that far.

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