A Beautiful Stranger Things Violin Medley by Taylor Davis

Well this is different. This violin medley is very beautiful and sounds great but it gives Stranger Things a very upbeat tone that the show doesn’t really produce until near the end. Even then there’s still an air of dread hanging over the town that can’t be denied. Even the main theme is still more heroic than dire since the sound is so strong and resonant that it tingles along the spine and down the muscles as though it’s a call to action. Maybe it’s just me but this music actually seems to be uplifting and designed to pick you up rather than tell you that something is wrong. It’s great, I like it, but as far as being attached to Stranger Things its more the fact that it is the theme from the show, but not the feeling.

I get the idea however that if such a sound would have been used for the show that it would have been too misleading. It wouldn’t have had the authentic 80’s feel that was needed for the show and as result it would have left a lot of fans feeling a little awkward at how things were left in the first season and created a lot more expectations moving into season 2. The music to any show or movie is a big deal since it can really affect the mood of the entire production and can make people think in certain ways concerning the content and what they want to see. For Stranger Things it was important to understand that the feel of the show and the sound was something straight out of an 80’s horror picture that would give the viewer that same feeling from thirty years ago. The fact that I can remember those days and the experience makes me feel so old.

Anyway, this music would be great if Stranger Things was being filmed in the current time period and as a result was a lot different than it is now. Can you even imagine Stranger Things with current technology and the modern attitudes that would affect the story? Everyone and everything would be so different that the entire thing would have to be revamped and redone in a manner that would make it fit into this era.

For one, Eleven wouldn’t be as exciting to the boys since her powers would likely be thought to be some sort of trick. Hopper would no doubt be retired or replaced as sheriff, or placed on medical leave or something considering all the pills he was taking. Joy would likely be diagnosed as a schizophrenic and placed on antidepressants not long after Will was taken, and the small group of friends would be texting instead of talking on CB radios.

Those are just some theories obviously, but in a world where this music would fit the entire Stranger Things landscape would have to change drastically. Plus, with how cynical people are these days and disbelieving of everything the Demogorgon and the mind flayer wouldn’t have much trouble moving in and taking over one town after another.

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