The Top Uses of Kenny Loggins Songs in Movies

The Top Uses of Kenny Loggins Songs in Movies

Kenny Loggins didn’t go solo until around 1977 and not too long after that he became known a the King of the Soundtracks since he started popping up on movie soundtracks so often. What’s great about that however is the fact that his music managed to get into more venues and create more buzz as people found that they liked how his music paired with the various movies he was heard in and wanted to buy the soundtracks. Keep in mind this was long before iTunes when you could just purchase the one song on the cheap.

He’s been one of the biggest stars for a long time now and is still remembered more often than not by some of his most iconic tracks.

5. Lip Sync-Footloose

After getting all hot and bothered by Kate Upton’s version of Baby One More Time you can really get into Ricky Martin’s showing of Footloose. It helps since he’s been a pop star for so long that he knows the moves and can flaunt them pretty easily. It almost seems like cheating really since despite her sexy attire and flirtatious act Upton’s moves are kind of basic and not all that impressive. But hey, she’s a gorgeous lady.

4. Top Gun-Danger Zone

Kenny Loggins wasn’t the first choice on this film but so many other bands and singers either bowed or weren’t considered worth the trouble that he was finally brought on. He got to make a few modifications to the original lyrics but once it came out it was an instant hit and eventually became one of the greatest songs ever recorded. It’s still considered a popular track in the current era.

3. Over the Top-Meet me Halfway

Over the Top was an easy movie to forget since it was basically all about driving truck and arm-wrestling with the part about Hawke’s kid thrown in to give the plot just a little more depth. Unfortunately that plot line fell kind of flat since it went back once again to the arm-wrestling bit. There was some kind of development between Hawke and his kid but it didn’t make the movie.

2. Footloose-Footloose

A lot of this movie was about rebelling against authority and showing those in charge that having fun isn’t a crime. Of course the kids don’t exactly go the right way about it for a while but eventually it’s accepted that kids need to have fun and be allowed to blow off some steam every now and then. Music is after all a more acceptable outlet than a lot of other activities that can be named.

1. Caddyshack-I’m Alright

It’s a snobs vs. slobs movie of such epic proportions that it kind of set the bar once again for the genre. Caddyshack wasn’t really thought to be much at first and it became a cult classic after a while. When you go back and really look at it though the movie is something of a wonder since it features a lot of recognizable faces and managed to help define an era.

Kenny Loggins has been a lot more influential in pop culture than he gets credit for.

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