The Best Uses of Vince Gill Songs in Movies or TV

Vince Gill made his way onto the scene in a pretty standard manner, he worked for it and attained notoriety and then fame as it came along and began to become one of the most well-known names in country music. He’s worked a lifetime to keep his reputation and his career moving forward and he’s gained a very impressive fanbase that have remained loyal for some time. Vince has received several awards for his efforts throughout his life and continues to be the name on a lot of lips when it comes to citing people that are an inspiration to others. While he has had one very big tragedy in his life, the death of his older brother, he’s otherwise had a very stable and successful career that has seen him become one of the most well-known and respected musicians in the world.

Here are some of his songs as they’ve been featured in films and TV.

5. King of the Hill – Blue Moon of Kentucky

For a while King of the Hill was one of the better animated shows on TV since it had more edge than The Simpsons and was still possessed of some morals thanks to the main character, Hank Hill. The only problem was that he was basically the only one that had a sense of morality that never wavered and this kind of made him a bit of a prude in the eyes of many people since he wouldn’t bend his rules for anyone most times. But throughout each episode it came to light that Hank was pretty much in the right most of the time and was trying to do right by those he cared about.

4. 8 Seconds – When Will I Be Loved

If you can look at bull-riding and decide that it’s not a dangerous sport then you might need to saddle up and give it a try just to gain a little bit of perspective. The animal beneath you is a heavy, nimble, and sometimes very angry beast that will do whatever it takes to throw you from its back and then trample you just to prove a point that you’re not that tough. Some bulls are bound to just want to get away and get that pesky human off their back, but some are bound and determined to make them pay since bulls are sometimes known to have rather volatile tempers, and very sharp horns.

3. Indecent Proposal – What Do You Want The Girl To Do

It doesn’t seem to bode well for a relationship in the first place if you can honestly turn your wife over to another man for a night for a million dollars, as this kind of indicates that there really IS a price that can be put on love. But given that David does start to worry and wonder about what Diana is doing with the billionaire that essentially bought her for a night, it’s not much of a surprise that they end up splitting apart. The only thing that saves them is that Gage realizes that Diana will never love him the way she loved David, and this is why he steps aside. Some rich folks do have a heart after all.

2. Vince Gill – Turn Me Loose

There are so many film clips online that not being able to find one is kind of hard to imagine, but Tin Cup is where this track shows up. If you can recall the movie is about a guy that is basically a whiz at golf, but has little to no ambition to really do anything with his skills any longer. When a woman he happens to like comes along however his ambition begins to shine once again and it brings him head to head with a pro golfer that he has an intense rivalry with, taking him out of his no-life comfort zone and putting him on a path towards a winning attitude and possible fame. In the end however he tanks on purpose just to prove he can make a shot.

1. Vince Gill – No Future in the Past

Leap of Faith, where this track shows up, is all about a faith healer that is in fact a con man and, upon being out-conned by someone much younger, is furious since it’s an attempt to upstage him in order to get a job with his troupe. One thing about con men is that they don’t take people into their confidence all that easily, since the fact that everything they do and think and believe is a con is something that’s hard to escape in such a lifestyle. But the ending of the film is rather positive in many ways since it does show a ray of hope and something good that could come out of a life of conning people, in an ironic fashion to be sure.

Vince Gill has certainly earned his place as a legend in the music industry.

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