The Best Uses of Dwight Yoakam Songs in Movies or TV

Dwight Yoakam is a honky tonk kind of singer that originally wasn’t expected to go all that far since his brand of country music wasn’t considered to be marketable when he made his way into the industry. There’s no telling what might have happened in his life if he’d stayed in college but he dropped out early on account of the fact that he made his way to Los Angeles in the hopes of becoming a recording artist. He didn’t really burst onto the scene as he might have wanted but he was determined enough and willing to give it everything he had as he slowly made his way up. Johnny Cash was actually heard to say that Dwight Yoakam was his favorite country singer at one point, which is high praise since Cash is one of the legends that helped to make music what it is today.

Here are some of his songs that have made it into movies and TV.

5. Percy Jackson – I’ll Pretend

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief doesn’t seem like something that Dwight might contribute a song towards since the whole idea of the Olympian theme seems to move more towards classical and possibly alternative music in the minds of some. But he still did manage to get a song on the soundtrack and helped to make it something that could at least make the experience a bit more memorable. For all intents and purposes the first Percy Jackson movie was something that entertained and thrilled people since it was a new look at old legends, but there’s a good reason why we haven’t seen a third movie yet.

4. Dutch – Guitars Cadillacs

Dutch is one of those movies you watch and wonder why it didn’t get any more respect than it did, even as a cult classic. Ed O’Neill is the kind of guy that excels at the type of comedy he perfected in Married..With Children, and could make just about anyone laugh with his blue-collar comedy routine. But this movie seems like it tried just a bit too hard in some spots while making it perfectly acceptable in others. In attempting to bond with his girlfriend’s son Dutch comes to find that he had no idea just how difficult a cross-country trip was going to be and comes to re-evaluate his relationship with the woman while wondering if he can deal with her son.

3. Under the Dome-Who’ll Stop the Rain?

The book, written by Stephen King, was miles above the movie in many regards since despite the wise move to turn it into a miniseries, a lot gets lost in the transition from the page to the screen as it usually does in King movies. But while the book was absolutely great the ending left a lot to be desired as it’s become King’s trademark to build the reader up and then suddenly drop them into an ending that isn’t a deus ex machina moment, but instead is akin to jumping into the shallow end of the pool when you thought you were at the deep end. The shock of the sudden ending and how simplistic it is simply takes a lot of people time to register and then accept since it’s not what you might expect from such epic storytelling.

2. Multiple Appearances – Long White Cadillac

This song is used in a few different movies and TV shows, but The Judge is one of those that makes anyone who’s ever had intense difficulties with their parents stand up and take note. Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall put in exceptional performances as they play father and son, estranged for many years because of the difficult relationship they had when he RDJ’s character was younger and was a troublemaker. When the judge, played by Duvall, finds himself in a spot of trouble however RDJ has to come back and try to sort things out and find out whether his father did in fact kill someone or if it was a case of mistaken identity.

1. D2: The Mighty Ducks – Let’s Work Together

D2: The Mighty Ducks makes it easy to forget that you’re watching kids playing hockey instead of adolescents or adults. The hits are made to look intense and the wins and defeats are so emotional that you can almost feel what the characters are going through as they take the world stage and take on teams that are in some cases much bigger than they are. Most of the Ducks returned for this movie with the exception of just a few, bringing the old team together once again in order to take a run at glory unlike anything they’d ever known in the first film. This time of course Gordon seems to step out on them again, but after finding himself once more and realizing what’s important he comes back to lead his team to victory.

Dwight Yoakam definitely earned his way up.

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