The Five Best Of Monsters and Men Songs of All-Time

Of Monsters and Men isn’t a band that everyone would know about since they do have kind of a pleasing sound that can possibly be kind of soft or strange to others but does carry its own edge and very haunting quality that makes it unique. As of 2010 they started making a name for themselves in the music industry and from that point on they started climbing the ladder towards fame and fortune. While they might not as big as some other headliners the Iceland natives still have found a way to really dig in and become something of a sensation that people have found endearing and quite popular throughout the years. It is fair to say that any band that can last for more than few years and keep going strong in this day and age has something that’s worth listening to since quite honestly they’ve made it known that they’re here to stay and have plenty to say.

Here are a few of their best songs thus far.

5. Mountain Sound

There’s a lot of whimsy and meaning to their songs but it does seem at times that the lyrics and the main point kind of elude those that listen. As with every song that’s ever been created you kind of need to pay attention to the lyrics if you really want to get the main point and what the artists are trying to get through. The practice of analyzing and theorizing about songs and their lyrics sometimes allows a person to overshoot the mark when they’re trying to figure out meaning. Thankfully a lot of artists are willing to grant an explanation when someone asks just what they were thinking about when they made one song or another.

4. Love Love Love

One thing about this band is that they definitely like big, grand entrances to each track and they do enjoy putting some very interesting visuals in their videos. Some people might not really know what they’re seeing or why, but thankfully some folks have no problem figuring out just what kind of message they’re trying to push through. One of the mos frustrating things for any artist is trying to get their point across while coming to understand that others don’t comprehend what they’re trying to say. This doesn’t tend to stifle the creative process, but the translation between the artist and the fans does need some help every now and again.

3. King and Lionheart

The type and amount of imagery in the videos that the band puts out is simply amazing since it tells a story in a way that their words only help to further explain. Sometimes the images don’t seem to make sense, but when you pair them with the lyrics you get a better undersanding of what’s being said and why. When it all comes together you get the idea that you’ve been witness to something that is supposed to be far more epic than you could possibly imagine, and it becomes a story within the song that carries more weight thanks to the combined efforts of the lyrics and the images.

2. Dirty Paws

Some bands just don’t make sense to a lot of people when it comes to their lyrics and the images they use in their videos. That’s perfectly okay since a lot of people simply like to listen to the pleasing melodies and watch something that might not make sense but is still dynamic enough to entertain them for a few minutes. Having to theorize just what’s going on and what they’re saying can be every bit as tiresome as not knowing in some instances and quite honestly it seems like a better idea to simply let it be and think about what it means to you instead of trying to worry over another’s interpretation.

1. Little Talks

The fun part is that the band doesn’t enjoy giving away too much of the meaning behind the lyrics and actually want the fans to come up with their own interpretations. They do have a story behind each song but for the most part they want people to figure out what it means to them instead and draw their own conclusions. Every band that comes up with their own lyrics tends to do so in a manner that makes sense to them, but many upon many bands tend to want people to know that their lyrics mean something definitive and thereby will defend their own justification behind them. This band however wants people to think for themselves and come up with their own story even if they have one set in mind when they lay down each track. If nothing else this is a good reason to listen to them since they tend to promote the idea of free thought and imagination on a level that’s rare these days for some bands.

Sometimes it’s better to think up your own story when listening to music.

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