10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hannah Waddingham

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hannah Waddingham

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hannah Waddingham

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hannah Waddingham

Credit: @hannah_waddingham

She’s an Emmy Award-winning actress who is not only hilarious and talented, but she’s also stunning. Hannah Waddingham has a long career behind her, but her role in Ted Lasso was a game-changer for her. The world took notice of the British beauty, and now she’s everywhere. It just goes to show that when you have it, you have it. However, there are a few things that her fans might not realize she did long before she was making us laugh, as Rebecca Welton did.

1. Hannah Waddingham Was in Game of Thrones

Her fans know her accordingly as Rebecca Welton because she’s phenomenal in the role. However, Ted Lasso is not her claim to fame. She was also cast in the hit television show Game of Thrones back in 2015 and was phenomenal there. Furthermore, she’s a supporting actress in the hit show Sex Education, another one of those shows everyone is obsessed with. We can ascertain from this that she can do – and she has done – just about everything.

2. Talent Runs in her Family

Waddingham is from a talented family, and it allowed her to spend her childhood in and around the theater. Her mother, her mother’s mother, and her mother’s father were all Opera singers. They were well-known, too, allowing Waddingham to learn the ins and outs of the London theater scene, which later served its purpose.

3. She’s Also a Singer

If you know a thing or two about Opera, you’ll understand what it means when we say she’s got a four-octave vocal range. Knowing next to nothing about Opera means you’re nodding, smiling, and pretending you are impressed. Waddingham can sing, and she did it for a while. She sang for dinner theater guests for a time, and then she went on to sing in some stage productions. Her talent runs deep and wide.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hannah Waddingham

Credit: @hannah_waddingham

4. She’s Not Married, But She’s Not Single

Waddingham is not a married woman, but she’s been in a relationship with a businessman from Italy for many years. She and Gianluca Cugnetto have been dating for over a decade now, and they share a daughter. Their little girl was born in 2014.

5. Their Daughter Was Born With Henoch-Schonlein Purpura

In short, she was born with an autoimmune disease that primarily affects children, but in a painful and obvious manner. With this disease, a child’s mucous membranes, skin, and some organs experience bleeding. The bleeding is found in red bumps under the skin, and it causes severe pain in the abdomen and joints. In some cases, the disease affects the kidneys.

6. Hannah Waddingham Keeps Her Emmy in Her Daughter’s Bedroom

Her daughter suffers a lot from her autoimmune disease, and her mother keeps her Emmy Award in her daughter’s room. Its purpose in that room is to remind her little girl that when she has to be away from her – which she does not like – it is only because her mother is doing something exceptionally important. Otherwise, she’d be home with her little girl.

7. She Has Firm Opinions About Musical Theater

If you ask Waddingham why she went into musical theater, she’ll be honest with you. “Musical theater people don’t get into it for money or fame. It’s in your blood; it’s in your bones; it’s a vocation,” and she always wanted to do it. There was never a moment in her life when she remembered thinking she might do anything else with her career. It was always acting musical theater and the stage. Her West End career has shown that her commitment to this form of excellence is stellar.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hannah Waddingham

Credit: @hannah_waddingham

8. She Always Found it Odd That Other People Worked in Offices

When you’re a child, you are raised how you are raised. You know what you experience, and it’s always a bit of a culture shock to realize that not everyone has the same experience. We only know what our parents expose us to, so she was always a little weirded out as a child when her friend’s parents didn’t work in theater. “Finding out some people’s parents worked in offices, I was like, ‘What do you mean? Doesn’t everyone sing and dance for a living?’” she said of her own childhood. It merely shows that we only know what we know until we know better.

9. She Was In 2022’s Most Anticipated Movie

The world is an odd place. The most anticipated movie of 2022 was the Disney Channel sequel to Hocus Pocus – and that’s big considering it’s the same year Top Gun: Maverick hit the box office. Waddingham was part of this stellar movie and did it easily. Her role was small – she’s the witch mother – but it was so fun for her to be part of something so big for the past 30 years.

10. She’s Great Friends with Michael Buble

They even sang a little Christmas song together on a special, and they got roaring drunk following her Emmy win. They’ve been friends since he came to see her in London’s Spamalot, and their friendship is special to both.

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