Guy Demonstrates Why You Shouldn’t Ignite a Bonfire with Gasoline

Guy Demonstrates Why You Shouldn’t Ignite a Bonfire with Gasoline

Guy Demonstrates Why You Shouldn’t Ignite a Bonfire with Gasoline

This feels as though it should be labeled as one of the biggest ‘Duh’ moments in history since unless a person has been sleeping under a rock or has never gone camping, or never been a dumb kid trying out something new, lighting a bonfire with gasoline should be something that a lot of people know is potentially dangerous and bound to mess a person up if done in an unsafe manner. With that being said, these guys demonstrate, kind of, why it’s not a good idea, but from a safe distance thankfully. Now, is lighting a bonfire fun? It can be. Can it be done with gasoline? Oh, by all means, it can. Should it? That’s where things get a little uncertain since there are bound to be plenty of people that would say of course a person should start a bonfire with gasoline, but just enough to get the fire started, not create a fireball that can be seen for miles around. That’s kind of where people tend to go a little nuts and do something that’s bound to threaten the entire area and everything in it since to some, a bonfire just isn’t a bonfire without a raging nimbus of flame that’s seen to shoot in the sky.

If you really want the short and simple explanation of why you shouldn’t start a bonfire with gasoline it’s because there’s a good chance that unless one is doing what the guys in this video are doing, then a person might try simply pouring gasoline from a gas can into the flames. Now it’s possible to do this without being harmed since many that have done it might simply pour it out and kill the stream by lifting the gas can away before the fire can catch the stream and start rising. And oh yes, fire will follow a stream of gasoline all the way up.

I don’t advise trying to do it since the moment that the flames reach the can one will find themselves wondering just why they did something so stupid as the fire will then latch on to pretty much anything in reach that’s flammable, which means clothing, hair, the gas can, anything. But starting a bonfire with gasoline isn’t that great of an idea anyway since it’s not too hard to make a bonfire if one really thinks about it. Even those that live in the city and have never ventured out to the country should be able to figure this out since it’s a matter of lighting something flammable and placing it beneath a pile of wood and dry debris that will catch fire. Then it’s a matter of feeding the fire for as long as one wants it to last. That’s a pretty simplistic explanation that needs a lot more detail, but if it keeps a person from using the gas can, then so be it. Using gasoline is a very easy way to start a bonfire but it’s also not the best, and the reason for this is the simple danger that it represents. Too many people have been harmed while trying to make bonfires over the years when all they had to do was find a way to start a fire that didn’t involve using a flammable liquid.

Lighting a fire is one of the most basic things that human beings have been doing since the first people learned how to harness the ability, and to this day it’s kind of saddening that so many people have forgotten how. But part of this is the fact that technology has moved so far ahead that people have started to lose the fundamentals of survival that were once so important since the ease of flipping a switch or turning on a light or doing something just as easy to obtain warmth or the resource to cook one’s food has nearly erased the need for making something as simple as fire. Now the act of making a fire is something that’s seen as fun, recreational, and in this case a cautionary tale to let people know that dumping a can of gas into a bonfire is not a good idea, especially if anyone happens to be standing too close to it.

The whole idea of a bonfire is that it’s warm, it’s capable of cooking food, and it’s a way for people to gather around and enjoy each other’s company. But safety has to be observed since without taking into account the size of the fire, what’s going into it, or if people are being safe around it, then a bonfire can become a very dangerous thing, especially if it’s been burning for a while and has red hot coals at the bottom. Being safe around a fire is kind of a common knowledge skill, or at least it used to be.

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