10 Things You Didn’t Know about Francesca Eastwood

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Francesca Eastwood

You might think that being the daughter of a famous movie star and director would be enough to get your name out there in a big way and you wouldn’t be completely wrong since Francesca Eastwood did manage to follow her parents into the limelight. It’s not really known if she’s pursued any other schooling outside of high school but what is obvious is that she’s had a lot of on the job training when it comes to being a model, an actress, and a socialite. Being the daughter of Clint Eastwood does have its perks it would seem since she’s been able to trade in on her name a few times in her career. But thankfully she’s been able to exist on her own pluck as well since she is a talented woman that has been through a few difficult moments in life and is still standing to tell the tale. Whatever you might know of her could be very little but it’s easy enough to get online and run a quick search.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Francesca.

10. She caught a lot of flak for destroying an expensive piece of property on TV.

It would seem that when her family was put on a reality show she thought it was a good idea to destroy something valuable because people spent an ungodly amount of money….making something valuable. The type of sense she and her boyfriend were trying to make is buried in the hypocrisy somewhere but it’s kind of hard to see unless you’re on the same wavelength it seems.

9. Francesca and her mother survived a house fire.

It happened on Christmas day no less when she was younger and thankfully they managed to get out of the house and were just fine, though Francesca was treated for smoke inhalation. Her father showed up a while later to make sure they were okay.

8. She’s played the daughter of her real-life parents on film.

This almost seems like it would be a bit awkward or perhaps kind of easy depending on the dynamics that exist between parent and child. The real question though is if they can be completely professional or allow their personal grievances, if there are any, to come out in their acting.

7. She was Miss Golden Globe in 2013.

This is a pretty big honor and it’s gone to many young women throughout the years as they’ve been selected to the role and allowed to perform certain duties at the Golden Globes. It sounds as though this wasn’t the only time she was selected to do this.

6. She was married once before but had it annulled in a week.

You’ve kind of got to wonder just how a person would get married and then divorced so quickly. The thought seems to be that the people getting married would know enough about each other that they could sort through any problems that might arise. But then again when you’re young and getting married you don’t tend to think things through all the time.

5. As of now she’s married to Clifton Collins Jr.

You’ve likely seen Clifton around more than once since he’s been in a wide assortment of movies and has been on TV as well. He’s also over twenty years older than Francesca, which seems kind of like an odd pairing. But hey, this is Hollywood, that’s kind of par for the course sometimes.

4. She’s currently in her 20s.

It would almost seem as though her father, Clint, might not have a lot of input or a lot of say in who she marries since it almost feels as though he might have tried to warn her away from one or two at times but could have quickly realized that she’s a grown woman and is going to do what she wants.

3. She has a pretty healthy following on social media.

You would think that anyone with the last name Eastwood would gain a lot of attention right off the bat since anyone with a genuine connection to Clint Eastwood almost seems to be guaranteed some popularity from the outset. It’s up to them however to stay popular and so far Francesca seems to have done just that since she has a decent amount of followers.

2. Her net worth is around $5 million.

You can assume her father has a massive net worth and her brother might have an impressive one as well but this is a pretty good number to have as a net worth when a lot of people might only think about her as far as being related to Clint.

1. It’s not too hard to see why she took to the family business of acting.

When you’ve got a mother, a father, and a brother that are so well known it seems like it would be second nature to go into acting.

She’s worth taking a look at to be honest.

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