10 Things You Didn’t Know About Gus Smyrnios

Gus Smyrnios is an American reality TV star that is best known for starring in the MTV show Floribama Shore. He has also worked as a model. Here are ten things about him that you may not know.

1. He Was Thrown Out Of His Home When He Was Seventeen

When he was just seventeen years old he was thrown out of the family home following an argument with his parents. He spent the next few years relying on the kindness of friends who let him sleep at their homes. Although this would have been a very traumatic time for him, he credits the experience with toughening him up and giving him the strength to make difficult decisions in life. It is not a time that he looks back on with regret and this shows how far he has come since this point in his life.

2. He Has Appeared On The Cover Of Several Romance Novels

Before he starred in Floribama Shore he was probably most recognizable for starring on the cover of Jennifer L. Armentrout’s book, Luc. He has also been the model on the cover of several other romantic novels. He also featured in an advertisement for Armani fragrance. He may look to extend his modelling work further in the future and fans will just have to wait and see whether this will include him being on the cover of other books.

3. He Has An Associate Degree In Criminal Justice

Earn The Necklace reports that Gus Smyrnios attended Santa Fe college where he earned an associate degree in criminal justice. This is something he worked very hard to achieve, given the fact that he was not living with his parents during this time. At some point he may return to college to continue his education even further. Even though this is not a priority for him at the moment, it is good for him to know that he has something to fall back on.

4. His Net Worth Is Estimated At $100,000

The amount of money that the stars of Floribama Shore has never been disclosed and so the net worth of contestants has to be an estimate. As well as his TV work, he also earns money as a model and he also promotes certain brands across his social media channels. As his profile grows and he continues to become more well-known, then it is likely that his earnings will increase which will add to his total net worth.

5. He Is A Fan Of Tattoos

Gus is a fan of tattoos and he has several which he often shows off on his social media and on TV. Some of the tattoos feature Greek writing which pays homage to his heritage. Fans would have noticed that it has been some time since he last had a new tattoo and so it may be that a new one will be unveiled soon. There is a good chance that any new design will be shown on his Instagram account as soon as it had been completed.

6. He Has A Close Relationship With His Brother And Sister

Although he has not had the closest relationship with his family in the past, they do seem to be putting some of their issues behind them. He has said in past interviews that he does not really like talking about his family. However, there are photos on Instagram which would suggest that he still remains close to his siblings. He has also briefly mentioned in interviews that he is also in contact with his mother on a regular basis.

7. He Took Part In The Challenge: War of the Worlds

He was a contestant in The Challenge: War of the Worlds alongside stars of other reality TV shows. He made it through to the eighth episode of the series before being eliminated. This means that he did not win any of the prize money that was on offer. He was partnered with veteran contestant Jenna Compono, a reality star who is best known for MTV’s Real World Ex-Plosion and has competed in several other Challenge shows. Filming for the series took place in Swakopmund, Namibia. This setting would have had a familiar feel for Gus as it is a beach resort, which is what he is used to when starring in Floribama Shore.

8. He Describes Himself As A Southern Charmer

He has described himself as a southern charmer in the past. He wants people who watch him on Floribama Shore to see him as someone who treats women with respect. Romper suggests that he first went on the show to have some fun, after all the problems with his family and his hard work in getting through college. However, this does not mean that he would turn down the opportunity for a serious relationship if the right girl came along.

9. He Will Be Starring In The Third Season Of Floribama Shore

The third season of Floribama Shore will be starting in November and Gus will be part of it. Filming for the season will take place in St. Petersburg for the first time, as the previous seasons were filmed in Panama Beach. As in the previous seasons, the show will follow Gus and several other housemates as they go about their daily lives. The show is aired on MTV and was introduced as a replacement for Jersey Shore. The show gets its name as it is set along the coastline that stretches from Florida to Alabama.

10. He Is The Proud Owner Of Two Chihuahuas

Gus is an animal lover and has two chihuahuas who he often shares pictures of on his Instagram account. The two dogs are named Chloe and Runt and it is clear that he has a lot of affection for them both. In one Instagram post he makes reference to the fact that although chihuahuas are not considered to be manly dogs, he doesn’t care about this because thousands of people see him cry on TV on a regular basis.

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