Give “The Cars That Made America” on History Channel a Try

Give “The Cars That Made America” on History Channel a Try

Give “The Cars That Made America” on History Channel a Try

Cars are a topic that many people are passionate about. Not only are they a means of transport but they can also represent a status symbol. Additionally, they also play an important role in the history of technology and society. These are just some of the topics touched on by History Channel’s new program, ‘The Cars That Made America’. So, what is this new series and why should viewers watch the programs.

What Is ‘The Cars That Made America’?

This new series uncovers the history of cars manufactured in America and the visionaries who designed them. It covers the history of the automobile industry and highlights groundbreaking events in this history. Using archive footage and interviews, ‘The Cars That Made America’ gives viewers an insight into how some of the biggest names in the car industry became the household names they are today and earned legendary status. Those showcased in this program include Henry Ford, the Dodge Brothers, Lee Iacocca, Walter Chrysler, John Delorean, and William Durant.

Who Is the Host?

Dale Earnhardt Jr. hosts this new special series. As a professional stock car racing driver and a champion team owner, he is passionate about cars and this makes him the ideal person to host ‘The Cars That Made America’. He was born into a family for whom cars have played an important role in their lives and family history. His father is Dale Earnhardt Sr., a NASCAR Hall of Fame member and his grandfathers are Robert Gee, a stock car fabricator, and Ralph Earnhardt, a NASCAR driver. This is not Earnhardt’s first television project. In 2007, he hosted the Speed Channel’s ‘Back in the Day’. This documentary looked at the history of racing in the 1960s and 1970s. He has also made several television appearances and provided voiceovers.

Reasons to Watch This Series

The first group of people this series will attract is those who are car enthusiasts, especially those who are fans of American cars over other makes and models from elsewhere in the world. It is a chance to learn more about the design, production, and evolution of each of the best-known American car brands and those who are responsible for the brands’ success. Unlike many other car programs that simply focus on the cars, this series approaches the subject from a different angle by focusing equally on those involved in the design and production.

People interested in history will also love this show as it looks back on not only the technological advancements made in each of the brands but also the impact that the history of American automobiles has made to American society. The archive footage is particularly interesting and most of this has never been shown on television before. Therefore, viewers will get a unique insight into the industry and many different aspects of American society and culture.

When to Watch?

This three-part special is aired on History Channel over three consecutive nights; 13th, 14th, and final tonight the 15th of August. Each episode will air at 8 pm ET/PT and last for two hours covering different topics in each of the programs. This new series has been produced for History by Magilla Entertainment.

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