Girls Star Andrew Rannells Deserves a Shot at a Leading Role on TV

If I were to ask you how old Andrew Rannells is, what would your answer be?  I can tell you this.  It would most certainly not be 38.  How in the world does this guy look so young?  Rannells is most known for his Tony nominated role in Book of Mormon but more recently his role as Elijah on Girls.  True story, my wife actually met Rannells at an airport and said he was a nice guy.  Isn’t that an incredible story?  Anyway, let’s get back to Andrew.    Rannells has been on television since 1993 but never really hit it in the mainstream until 2012 when he got a recurring role on The New Normal, which by the way was a very solid show and shouldn’t have gotten cancelled.

That same year Rannells landed the part of Elijah on Girls.  What began as a “once in a while” role has developed into Rannells practically becoming one of the main characters of the show.  While Elijah would never be considered a main character in a technical sense he certainly steals every single scene he’s in.  I’m pretty sure the writers of Girls make this intentional but it’s not just the intention that makes Rannells a scene stealer, it’s his acting ability, good looks, and charm.

His character practically puts you into tears from all the laughter but Rannells can stop on a dime put on the serious emotions whenever he wants to.   My question is “why hasn’t this guy gotten a leading role yet?”  I feel that out of all the actors on Girls, Rannells should be the most successful post show.   Lena Dunham will write and perhaps star in other quality projects but as far as the rest of the cast?  I’m just not seeing it.

Rannells is the one guy I want to see more of and I personally think he’d be a great lead role on a sitcom.

What do you guys think?

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