The Girls Cast is Visiting Inside the Actor’s Studio: SNL Skit Has to Follow

The cast of Girls have been doing their farewells this week.  Allison Williams was the most recent member to “move on” from the show by coloring her hair blond.  But I just found out that the cast is going to be on Inside the Actors Studio tonight on Bravo.  Host James Lipton chats with the cast which will include creator-star Lena Dunham, Jemima Kirke, Zosia Mamet and Allison Williams.   Apparently on the episode Williams showcases her singing chops; and Mamet reveals an ancestral anecdote.

It doesn’t seem that any male cast members will make an appearance so we’ll have to wait and see.  However, does anyone see amazing SNL skit potential here?  This could easily be one of the funniest skits of the entire year.  I know that SNL is on a political rampage right now, and it should be, but imaging getting Will Ferrell back into James Lipton’s chair and doing a parody of this scene?

Can you just imagine how uncomfortable Lipton would look as he was talking to these four?  Honestly I have no idea who would play the girls but I’d pay to see Kristen Wiig be one of them.  Kate McKinnon would have to play another.  Seriously, this is just too good to pass up Lorne.  Think about it.

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