Could The Show Girls Pull off a Feature Film?

Recently Girls star Jemima Kirke was asked about the finale of Girls and even though many fans were disappointed Kirke said she “loved it.”  But a more important question she was asked is if she would want to do some kind of reunion be it a movie or more television.  Jemima said that she’d “love to” and would be very interested to see where the Girls would be 10 years from now.  But here’s the question:  Could Girls pull off a movie?

The easy answer to this one is “of course” and you can probably bet that Lena Dunham’s already been approached by a studio or two.  But the tougher question is “what would a Girls movie even look like?”  Could they pull off the same kind of box office success as a Sex and the City?  What the hell would the plot lines be?  Hannah’s got a kid.  Shosh hates all of them.  Marnie’s gotta be married to a rich dude and Jessa gotta be an addict sans Adam.  I would think and hope Elijah’s a celebrity by now and that Laird won a lottery somewhere.

Here’s my honest opinion.  If you’re going to do a movie, do it soon.  Don’t wait for the popularity to wear off and try and resurrect popularity from years past.  Get into the writing room and figure it out now.  Though I will say this.  I think the last two episodes were in a way saying “there’s no chance we ever resurrect this series.”  While I love the show, I do hope that’s the case.  The story is over.  Let the audience imagine their own endings and futures.

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