Girls is at Its Best When Lena Dunham Directs the Episodes

Girls Season 6 started off in a very unconventional way.  While characters like Marnie were up to the same old stuff like creating a ridiculous amount of drama for herself by engaging in an “affair” with Desi, Hannah’s life takes a complete twist when she meets her surf instructor while on assignment for her new job in Montauk.  Hannah is supposed to go there to report about a surfing class she’s taking.   In the beginning you can see how much she detests it but then all of a sudden her surf-instructor (played by Riz Ahmed) somehow opens up her world.  You actually feel like Hannah is growing up in this episode.

Sure she’s still throwing up and acting like a child, but Paul-Louis has this hold on her and suddenly Hannah “sees the light.”  Instead of focusing on all the negativity in her life, she begins to focus on the beauty and all of the things she should be thankful for.  Of course her relationship with Paul-Louis hits a twist when she finds out he has a girlfriend, but surprisingly Hannah kind of “runs with it” and just allows herself to “be.”

Rather than do an entire recap I wanted to touch on something that’s evident in Girls.  When Lean Dunham is directing the show is just better.  There’s a ton more nudity which. let’s be honest, used to be kind of a turn off.  However, over the years you can see that nudity is used more so for humor and the “wow” factor than anything else.  So frankly I don’t mind it anymore.  And it’s 100% apparent that when Lena Dunham is behind the camera, she’s using nudity as much as possible.  The first episode of season 6 felt like at least half of the show was naked.

But there’s more to it.  I think Lena Dunham’s episodes are also more comedic.  She pokes fun at Hannah to an enormous extent in this episode, and I think when she does that it’s not only hilarious but also self reflective.  It has to make you smile.

In any event, here’s to Lena Dunham directing more episodes.  Oh right, this is the last season.  Oh well.

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