Girl Meets World Review: We’re All Gonna Be Stars!

Girl Meets World

Now that Season 3 of Girl Meets World has officially wrapped production, I’m as enthusiastic as anyone for there to be a Season 4 renewal (with a few provisos). This is a show that teaches important lessons, but occasionally splits its emotional focus a bit. By the end this week the lesson was confusing, and certain endings felt like they should be a continuation to come. Who knew an episode which started off with Maya committing a felony would go off track?

In order to get her mother a part in a film, Maya commits a teensy weensy little felony. Not that famous actress Anastasia isn’t treated very well kidnapped and strapped to a radiator in Maya’s bedroom. The girls get her a fountain and everything. Little do they know that Anastasia’s real name is Bobby Jo, and she turns out to be Katy’s childhood best friend. Now they could let Bobby Jo/Anastasia go at this point, but Katie is perfect for the role of “struggling single mother who works as a waitress dreaming of stardom”. Thanks very much to Riley and Maya’s classmate for giving her director father the screenplay of Maya’s life. This is very true to Hollywood. Ideas get stolen, chewed up, rewound, and regurgitated constantly. If you have an idea you absolutely can’t live without, maybe don’t tell anyone about it.

So the girls and Katy decide to keep Anastasia cuffed to the radiator. Boy does Topanga have her work cut out on this legal mess! While Anastasia is trapped, the director of the film rants about how to cast Hollywood films authentically (haha). In the spirit of that the kids are offered the chance to audition for the roles of themselves. See what I mean by haha? Katy and Anastasia/Bobby Jo get really authentic reconnecting. They may have lost touch, but neither one begrudges the other. Katy is happy for Bobby Jo’s success and Bobby Jo is happy for Katy’s great family life. Though Katy’s life is going well, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve a shot at her dreams. Katy lands the part by speaking from her soul about friendship to her daughter. Bobby Jo can’t bear to take the part away from her friend after that.

The message of this episode was half about long-lasting friendships and half about the lack of authenticity in Hollywood. Though the latter is getting better, the way it was infused with a good lesson about friendship was confusing to say the least. So much of the episode focused on reuniting Katy and Bobby Jo (coupled with a painful for your daughter to bear Do-si-do), that the lessons for the whole class weren’t really absorbed. I wouldn’t have even known it was Career Week if it hadn’t been on Cory’s board.

Did you fully appreciate this week’s Girl Meets World, or did it feel like some elements could have been separated into multiple episodes?

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