Girl Meets World Review: Happily Ever After

Girl Meets World

For a Boy Meets World fan from way back, this is such an emotional night. Once Upon a Time Shawn Hunter believed that he couldn’t catch up to his best friend Cory’s happiness. Now on Girl Meets World he has finally found it, and makes it official in “Girl Meets I Do”. It’s another special episode for Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World fans, and is probably one of the most special moments in the history of both shows combined. Not to mention, there was one surprise guest star the occasion was sure not to leave out.

Shawn and Katy are the happiest they’ve ever been leading up to the wedding, but Maya isn’t so happy. Maya is skeptical, thinking that it’s only a matter of time before something or someone causes the wedding to be called off. In her experience good things don’t last. Her parents were happy, then they weren’t, and Maya had to put her mother back together. This sounds familiar to us long-time fans doesn’t it? All Maya wants is a guarantee that this happiness will last. Shawn can’t give her that. All he can promise is that he never wants to let Maya down.

Cory meanwhile is going through a little jealousy phase. He wants Katy to be first in Shawn’s life, but there is a transition that needs to happen when your best friend gets married. You know your friendship such as it was is never going to be the same again, and that’s how it should be. That’s what Shawn had to go through when Cory and Topanga got married, so now it’s time for Shawn to get a little happiness. That doesn’t mean Cory’s not going to get the last word in a last minute slumber party with his bestie. ‘Diva Cory’ makes sure that Shawn is ready to commit before throwing shade, and pillows. Truly Cory is never more Cory than when he is with Shawn.

Truly Shawn looks happier and more at peace than he’s ever been. He’s even reciting poetry openly for goodness sakes! He proves it by setting up a beautiful ceremony for them on the roof. In the hour (!) they have to prepare, both Shawn and Katy worry about being good spouses. Luckily Cory and Topanga know that just asking that question means they are ready for this.

Shawn and Katy’s wedding could not have been more special, but Shawn had to have that last special touch with Mr. Feeny as the minister (Minister, not grandpa, as Auggie thinks because at this point Mr. Feeny is “many things to many people”). Maya finally believes that Shawn really loves Katy and this time happy things are going to last. Perhaps happy things lead to more happy things.  Dare we hope that an adoption could be on the horizon? Shawn did after all say he considers Maya his daughter now. Let’s make it official.

Shawn’s happy, Katy’s happy, Maya’s happy, Cory’s happy, I’m…well I may have gone through a few tissues! Before we close I feel we must go through all Cory’s best lines because he was on a roll.

Cory’s Quips:

-“Thirty years I give him!”

-“I can honestly say I’ve never seen him this happy, because I’ve never seen him happy.”

-“I set you free my little Shawny bird. Fly, fly away! Don’t go!”

-Maya to Shawn: “Why do you want to marry my mother?” Cory: “To get back at me!”

-“You’re a good little boy. You’re her problem now. Bye bye, go get married!”

Was this not one of the most special moments in both shows’ histories? What was your favorite moment?

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