Girl Meets World Review: The Inevitable Change

Girl Meets World

Growing up is hard, and the latest Girl Meets World pulled no punches in showing just how emotional a change it can be. This isn’t the first time Girl Meets World has had an episode that pulled at the heartstrings, but if you didn’t have a full box of tissues at the ready, I guarantee you would later regret it.


Maya is shocked when Riley announces that she intends to tear down the Bay Window. I use the capital letters because it’s THE Bay Window. As seen in adorable flashbacks, it’s the place where Maya and Riley’s friendship first started. (Little Farkle, Maya, and Riley were absolutely adorable, and I plan on watching their musical number over and over and over again). Riley recognizes that they are about to go to high school and so they shouldn’t be afraid of change. Maya is practically on the verge of tears after Riley tears everything down.


The truth is Maya is afraid of change because change hasn’t been good to her. Maya crawled through the Bay Window and took comfort there just before her father left. Riley welcomed her with open arms and it’s been their safe space ever since. Their lives are going to change, but Farkle, Lucas, and Riley reassure Maya that they will always be together. When present-day Riley and Maya meet little Riley and Maya they all end up comforting each other. (At this point I get my tissue box out). The Bay Window then changes and it’s now home to a future Riley and Maya, who are still together. The point is that the Bay Window will change, their world will change, but if they make it a priority, their friendship will remain. (Half the box of tissues gone now).


This particularly hard lesson is inevitable for any kid growing up. The harsh reality is that we all grow and change, and because it’s not necessarily at the same pace or in the same direction as the friends we had when we were young, that makes us feel afraid.


To that end I’d like to dedicate this recap to the three girls I grew up with. We met in elementary school, changed in so many ways over the years, but our individual stories don’t make sense without the others. Your best friends aren’t just the ones who know you best, who are there for you no matter what, they’re the people who help make you who you are. If you’re lucky enough, they’ll continue to do that for years to come.


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