Girl Meets World Review: The Moment Boy Meets World Fans Have Been Waiting For

Girl Meets World

Attention all Girl Meets World and Boy Meets World fans alike: if you don’t want spoilers from the latest episode of Girl Meets World, turn back around now because there’s a whopper of a game-changer headed your way! Maya has been to Riley what Shawn has been to Cory for years. When the generations finally merged it was evident the path Shawn and Maya needed to take. It was the moment everyone’s been waiting for, as Maya searched for her identity and ended the night with her dreams coming true.

As you’ll recall, we left off with Riley whisking Maya away to an unknown adventure so that her best friend could rediscover herself. They went to the only person Riley could think of to help, dear Uncle Shawn. While the girls intended for Shawn to have all the answers, Shawn is actually just as lost as Maya. Just as Maya has been emulating Riley, Shawn has been emulating Cory, and much worse, Feeny! Maya and Shawn spent so much time around Riley and Cory’s perfect lives, they subconsciously started to act like their friends hoping to get their own happily ever afters. Cory and “Baby Cory” as Shawn calls her, end up being the fixers in this situation.

Riley pushes Shawn and Maya first to sell their clothes, then admit how much they mean to each other, and finally to realize that they don’t want someone else’s life, they want their own dreams. Maya finally expresses her true artistic ability again in a paint fight, while Shawn picks up a very special gift…

Back in the city, Lucas feels the pressure as he finally made a decision between Riley and Maya. He talks to the parents and he talks to his friends (in the bay window without the occupant present), but he never gets the chance to have his say. Maya hasn’t been acting like herself lately, so she can’t trust that her feelings for Lucas weren’t influenced by that change. Everyone needs to take a break and find out who they are before they can decide with whom they want to be, a lesson quite a few adults could stand to learn.

When all is said and done the universe is on its way to being restored. Shawn and Maya know what they want, and for that matter so does Katy. Which leads to this moment:

Girl Meets World

Shawn has always been spontaneous, and nothing could be more spontaneous than professing his love for Katy and Maya and his desire to make them a family. Surrounded by their friends and a tear-filled Maya, Katy says yes. Happy Endings, or should I say Happy Beginnings, are here again!!!

Was anyone else crying during the proposal? Did Shawn make the right choice? How great was it to see Shawn and Cory’s original handshake again!

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