Girl Meets World Review: Halloween, Part 3

Girl Meets World

Once upon a time, girl met her best friend, then met the world. But what if she didn’t? In the series’ third Halloween themed installment, Girl Meets World imagines what would have happened if Riley and Maya had never become friends. Suffice it to say, terrifying doesn’t even begin to cover it. This world is disturbing, and yet, the alternate reality makes sense in a way that isn’t too over-the-top.

It all starts when the kids tell Cory they won’t be celebrating Halloween this year. They’re in high school now, too old and mature for Halloween and trick-or-treating. To that I say poppycock, and luckily Cory agrees. Welcome to this week’s lesson, Chaos Theory! For those of you who didn’t study it in high school, or haven’t watched an episode of The Flash lately (Barry Allen is not my favorite person these days), it’s the theory that one small change can have massive ripple effects for future events. Every theory must have supporting evidence, so let’s postulate what would have happened if on an ordinary day, little Riley had not left her window open for little Maya to come through. Riley would have been nauseatingly chipper, Maya would have been a goth girl, Farkle would never have left behind the turtle necks, Lucas would be a full on Desperado, Zay never would have come to New York, and Smackle never would have come out of her shell. Worst of all, Cory never becomes Feeny 2.0! No life lessons, no getting involved in his student’s lives, just dates and figures. What kind of history class is this? Bottom line, everyone is lonely and doesn’t know any better.

Auggie narrates this story and eventually realizes that in this alternate universe, he was never born. Ava and Dewey, nee Doy (gasp!), randomly got together and hang out with Topanga. Ghost Auggie has to make things right or cease to exist even as a ghost. He tries to fix things by setting Maya up to come through Riley’s window. The conversation becomes just a little too honest for Maya. So the tenuous peace between Maya and Riley disintegrates. Riley challenges Cory to show her why a history lesson should matter to her, and it changes both of their perspectives on life. This inspires Riley to bravely face Maya, going deep into why she is so detached. Their small conversation resets the balance of the universe. Lucas follows Riley as her protector, Farkle and Smackle connect, and Auggie becomes a real boy again! Although any other ghost returning to human form would actually be the plot twist in a Halloween horror movie. Unless it was Casper. We all wanted Casper to get his happy ending.

How much of the Chaos Theory really would have affected Riley and her friends?

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