It’s Official: Girl Meets World is Not Returning to Television

In what is clearly THE worst news of the day, we’ve found out today that Girl Meets World has officially met its demise.  While the show breathed its last breath on Disney last season, there was hope that another network would pick it up so that it could continue.  Sadly that is not the case. Girl Meets World creator Michael Jacobs used the show’s writers’ Twitter account on Wednesday to confirm that, despite his best efforts, a new home has not been found for the canceled Disney Channel sitcom.

“There are talks underway, but we’re at the very, very beginning stages,” Jacobs told TVLine earlier this year. “And I can tell you it’s because of the audience’s reaction to the cancellation that there is interest in other places.”

Unfortunately those talks went nowhere.  To be honest I’m a little surprised here.  Considering just how much junk is on television right now, a Netflix couldn’t green light this?  Not even Hulu?  Nothing doing on Freeform?  I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem right.  I guess Ben Savage will have to go back to managing a Friendly’s somewhere.   And Danielle Fishel will eventually appear late night on Cinemax.  Rider Strong will have to use his real name eventually and something like Sven Gimmelstob is probably what it is.

We’ll miss you Riley and Maya!

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