Gilmore Girls: The Luke & Lorelei Romance Never Happened

Every good TV show needs a will-they-won’t-they romance to spice things up. For the iconic Gilmore Girls, most fans were always wondering whether Luke ( Scott Patterson) and Lorelei ( Lauren Graham) would end up together. Although that question was finally answered when they tied the knot in Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, their relationship was filled with many ups and downs.

Most fans are unaware that this tumultuous romance almost never happened because Luke’s character wasn’t in the original script. Even when they added him to the pilot episode, the producers and showrunner didn’t plan for him to be a series regular. But their chemistry was too good they had to bring him back for more episodes.

Luke Was Never Intended To Be A Series Regular

Gilmore Girls

Is there a Lorelei without Luke? It’s hard to believe, but Luke was never meant to be a series regular. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, creator Amy Sherman Palladino said that Luke was meant to be a girl named Daisy. Because of network requirements, they needed another guy. So, she just changed Daisy’s name to Luke and kept the original dialogue. 

They were sold when producers saw the chemistry between Luke and Lorelei in their first scene. The fun and playful vibe between the two actors helped because he had more coffee. Altogether, that made for interestingly weird chemistry. But Patterson knew the moment he met Lauren Graham that their chemistry would work on screen because they naturally had rhythm. Who would Lorelei have ended up with? Rory’s father? That didn’t work the first or the second time. 

The Change To Luke Made The Most Divisive Gilmore Girls Plot

Gilmore Girls

For most Gilmore Girls fans, Luke and Lorelai’s romance was an endgame. But for some fans, their relationship shouldn’t have happened. It divided the fan base because many thought they would work better as friends. While they had some of the best chemistry on the show, communication was only one of their issues. 

After longing for each other for seasons, Luke and Lorelei finally confess their feelings for each other in Season Four. But after they got together, fans noticed that Luke became more distant. He even hid the fact that he had a daughter, April ( Vanessa Marano). With how Lorelei treated Jess ( Milo Ventimiglia), it makes sense that Luke was hesitant about sharing this information which caused a massive wedge in their relationship when revealed. 

This didn’t change in the follow-up series, Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. When Lorelei and Luke had problems years into their relationship, they got married instead of taking time to deal with their issues. For Luke, it’s always been just what Lorelei wants. Some fans even hoped that Lorelei would stay single because she didn’t need a man to add happiness to her life. But according to the writers, all she needed was Luke. But despite their problems and fans’ opinions, the show wouldn’t be what it is without Lorelei and Luke’s iconic relationship.

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