General Hospital Spoilers: Finn Issues An Ultimatum

General Hospital Spoilers: Finn Issues An Ultimatum

General Hospital fans are not surprised that the week was a bit of a mess last week. We honestly have no idea where we are and what we are doing and how things are happening this week because so many things went down in the past week that we did not realize. For one, we were pre-empted for impeachment hearings, and nothing was what it was meant to be. Because of that last minute decision, most of our spoilers for last week were totally thrown off, some of the stuff we thought might happen did not happen yet, some happened late, and we are still confused by most of it in the moment. But, we do know that there is a madman with a gun in Port Charles, and he is not above shooting anyone and everyone who gets in his way, and that includes Carly. Wife, new mom to a brand-new baby with some serious health concerns, mom to grown kids. She’s hurt.

So many people are upset. Mike is not well, but he’s not been well in so long that we cannot even contain the fact that we worry so much for him. Michael is worried for his sister because she is a mess. Joss is not handling things well, and this new news of her mother’s shooting is going to put her over the edge. She’s too young for this kind of loss. In the last few years alone, she’s lot one brother, a nephew, a good friend, and now her mother has been shot. She’s not sure how to focus on anything in her life right now that is good because she cannot see anything that is good. She’s struggling, and we get it. We get that things are a mess in her life, and we do feel for her so much.

What’s Happening on General Hospital

All the patience for fans this week.

What’s Next on General Hospital

Things are not looking good in terms of what we might actually be able to predict this week. If the impeachment hearings continue, things will also be delayed a bit more around here, so let’s start the week with some very generic situations. For one, we think that there is going to be a very big moment for Jordan and her fears. She’s been saying that she has a bad feeling about things for some time now, and no one is listening to her. She’s been brushed off and people have coddled her and told her that she’s probably wrong about it, but we think that her fears are very founded. She has some big ones about what is to come, and we think that someone needs to sit down and listen to this woman talk about what she thinks is happening and why it’s terrifying her.

Finn is going to give some ultimatums, but to whom? We cannot decide since there are so many people he’s currently unhappy with. Sasha is shaken, which she was meant to be last week, but we didn’t get to see. So, then there is chance that we will see that Sonny will see that his wife has been shot, show up at the ER, and he will not be able to contain his fear and his worry. She’s probably not doing well, and that’s all there is. Nelle is trying to get to Brooke Lynn, but we don’t know how well this is going for her. There is so much we don’t know, but there is so much we are so impatient to learn — and we hope there are no more preemptions.

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