General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Makes A Confession

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General Hospital characters are turning to the truth, or so it seems, and it’s almost as if they are looking to make things worse for themselves in doing that. Ava has already discovered a few things that were once Helena’s and we have no idea how she plans on using that to her advantage. The deal is that she will, though; and we all know it. She will find a way to hurt the people in her life with this information, and it’s not going to end well for anyone. Anna is about to find that the truth is good for her, and she’s going to come out and say what’s on her mind, what has happened to her and what will go on in her life.

We have to ask, however, about Alexis. Is she all right? We know she stabbed Julian and that she is working hard to prove herself to the police so she is not charged with murder, but she’s not doing herself any favors by going around stabbing people. Sonny is worried, and we all know that a worried Sonny is going to only make things worse if he acts on his worry. If he cannot control his own feelings and emotions, things might just get a little crazier as a whole for everyone involved. There seems to be nothing that we can do, however, other than take a moment to find out what’s wrong with standing up for herself.

Laura has to make a confession. She is not usually one who has too much to say on matters of this subject, but she has to face the truth about her reliance on Kevin. She’s too reliant on him and she’s using him to make her own life easier. She knows it, and she doesn’t feel good about it so she’s making the effort to come clean about her behavior in hopes she can change things for the better once and for all. And we find out that Rachel asks Tracy if they can work together on something, and we cannot help but wonder what these two might have cooked up in their minds.

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