General Hospital Spoilers: Anna Learns Awful News

General Hospital fans know that Anna is about to find out that the late Faison has Huntington’s Disease, which means the child she has with him might have that same problem in her own life. She must find her to let her know she has some health issues in her life and that she should get tested to find them before it’s too late, but she can’t find the girl she gave up so long ago. It’s a big mess considering we all thought she was looking for a son with him, but there are so many things we just don’t know and can’t figure out.

And now she has to face this on top of everything else going on in her life. She doesn’t know yet that Peter is who he is or that Valentin is working with him and has a history with him, and she’s going to be shocked with his information is revealed. Things are not going well for her right now, and she’s just unaware they are about to get even worse.

And now she has more to worry about than ever before, and there are so many things she can’t focus on. We cannot figure out what is going on with her, and we cannot figure out what is going on with any of them. There is too much going on, but Anna is not stupid. She might find out about all these connections long before anyone else, and we hope she does.

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