General Hospital: Carly Slaps Back

General Hospital fans are excited about all that’s going on this week, but no one is more excited than we are about the many exciting things happening. We hear that tomorrow will be Carly’s day to push back. She’s not happy with the way things are going, and she’s not even trying to find peace in what is happening in her life. So many things are out of control right now, and she’s not sure where to begin or what to focus on, but we suspect she might need to start at home.

Rather than focusing on all the bad things that Nelle and this baby might bring to her life, she needs to stop focusing on the negative aspects of Nelle and work on being happy that there is a baby coming. It’s our opinion she should embrace Nelle, make her feel like part of the family, and keep the young woman very, very close. The closer she is, the more she can be involved in the baby’s life and ensure this baby is raised in a happy home.

But Carly won’t do that. She will look for a way to get what she wants from this young woman so she can get her life in order her own way. And that’s not going to work out for anyone at all. There is nothing they can do to make their lives a bit easier, and she’s got to stop looking for ways to clap back and look for ways to make it right.

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