General Hospital: Henrik-Peter Wants Anna Dead

General Hospital: Henrik-Peter Wants Anna Dead

General Hospital fans do not hold out much hope for a reunion between Anna and her son, Henrik. She wants so badly to find him, and we all want them to live happily ever after with him understanding what she did and her regretting what she did and everyone just forgiving everyone else. There’s not much else they can do at this point, and we must assume that there is a lot that might work out for them. But what we are looking into is a situation that doesn’t seem to have a problem with anyone else except for Valentin.

You see, he knows who Peter really is. And he knows that this is a secret that Peter doesn’t want to get out. He’s afraid, though, that Anna is too much of a threat to him and his life. He’s afraid that things will not work out if she keeps digging into this and who he is and what he’s been doing all his life. And so he’s going to tell Valentin to fix this problem — he wants her dead.

And he can’t do it. Valentin cannot do it. He might not be her friend right now, but he has a long history with her that he cannot handle in any capacity, and he will not do it. But Henrik-Peter will not stand for this. He will not sit back and allow this man to tell him not about the things that are going on right now. He’s going to get what he wants — and soon.

So if Valentin refuses, and Peter decides to handle it himself, what will happen to Anna? She has no idea that Peter is her son and that he would rather her die than ever figure that out. He just is not interested in a very happy family reunion in which they all smile and love one another and sing happy songs around a campfire while sharing Christmas dinner with their loved ones. He’s not in it for this situation. And she has no idea this is her future and her life — but she needs to know.

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