General Hospital: Will Olivia Get Married?

General Hospital fans know the big wedding is a mess. We’ve all seen Olivia announce the wedding is off and things are turning worse by the second, but no one is entirely sure what is going on at all. She’s not happy with something, and she’s made this horrible announcement — and someone else is working on saving things. When the show ended on Friday, the wedding was back on and things were looking better — but no one exchanged any vows or anything of that nature. What that means is there still might not be a wedding.

We don’t know, but we do know fans will find out for certain this week whether or not anyone is getting married. There is always a chance she might change her mind again, and she’s being an insane bridezilla, so we aren’t surprised she might go this route.

We also know that Dante and Dillon are being asked a big, big favor by Ned. Before the wedding begins, he needs something from them. We don’t know what it is or what might happen, and we suspect he might need something more than most groomsmen are willing to share. But given the fact that we will see Dante and Charlotte share a little dance this week, we imagine it’s because the wedding happened and there is a party going on to celebrate the exchanging of the vows. What do you think? Will Olivia calm down enough to get married this week?

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