General Hospital: Nelle Ruins Christmas for Michael

General Hospital: Nelle Ruins Christmas for Michael

General Hospital: Nelle Ruins Christmas for Michael

General Hospital fans are seeing a lot more of Nelle these days, and we have a feeling she won’t be doing anything good at the moment. If the rumors are true and she’s due to exit the show soon, we can expect to see her up to no good — and people believe she is out to ruin the holiday with her devious ways. Can she ruin everyone’s day by doing something so bad people can’t enjoy Christmas? Or is this all a myth?

Michael is horrified. He is having a baby with Nelle, and he’s beside himself. He doesn’t want to be a poor father, but he also doesn’t want to raise kids with her. He does not want her in his life, he doesn’t want to have a baby with her, and he’s not sure what to do. He worries about her ability to care for a child, too. He’s in a bad place, and she might just use that to take advantage of everyone.

We hear that Sonny is going to tell his father how he feels and his father is going to very gently remind him that he is the reason he and Carly got together in the first place. He wants his family to stay together, and he wants his son to do the right thing. But can he really focus on spending time with someone who lies and spends that much time manipulating everyone in her life? We just aren’t sure he can do it.

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