Frozen 2 Could be on Track to Break Box Office Records

Frozen 2

It’s ambitious to think that a sequel could outdo the original, but given that Frozen 2 looks to be headed out of its comfort zone and into another part of the map it could be that Disney has finally discovered how to keep people interested while introducing new and exciting material with original characters that might entice people to pay attention. In other words, they’re actually being innovative and not cherry-picking favorite moments and bits from already existing material. That alone could make Frozen 2 hit the $100 million mark that Ryan Scott from MovieWeb is talking about since quite honestly, even as a parent, I can say that this movie looks kind of enticing. When it comes to sequels many movies tend to fall well short of the original no matter what box office numbers might say. The biggest reason for this is that the material has been presented, characters have been established, and trying to build on that takes time and actual effort. Just slamming something together and hoping it will stick is a big risk that’s only ever paid off a few times in history. If you’re thinking about Toy Story then you should know that apart from the huge monetary success it’s been, the movie has also been enough to elicit a groan from enough people that it might behoove Disney to finally say that enough is enough.

With Frozen however there’s still a lot of world-developing to be done and there are places to go and things to discover that people want to see. They want to know where her powers came from, who carried the gene for them, and so on and so forth. The original Frozen was a blast of fresh air that a lot of people didn’t know how to take at first when the teasers started appearing since it looked like another Disney movie, but one that people couldn’t quite figure. I do recall the first time I saw anything about that Sven was the character that came on screen first, so it was obvious that it would have something to do with winter, but there wasn’t much else besides that. But after it came out, Frozen was a worldwide phenomenon and still remains so today since just this past Halloween there were still plenty of Anna’s and Elsa’s walking around collecting sweets from willing participants to the holiday. The fervor of the original movie did eventually go from red hot to simmering, ironically enough, but it’s never really gone away, and it’s a good thing since that can fuel the interest of the people walking into this movie come November 22nd.

The timing of the release is actually kind of brilliant since it allows parents to take advantage of the chance to go see the movie with their kids leading into the Thanksgiving holiday and during or right after it when Black Friday hits and the madness takes over for the weekend. This leaves kids with a good memory of a great movie and adults content with the knowledge that they’ve done something right leading into a holiday weekend or week, depending on how much time their kids get off. You can expect a lot of theaters to be packed to the gills however since much like any beloved movie, Frozen has attracted a great number of people, both children and adults, thanks to the magical quality of the story and the vibrant characters that have been so well-received. How their stories are going to be developed seems to follow the first movie however since Anna is still the fiery-tempered sister that is highly impulsive and isn’t about to stay out of the middle of anything, especially when her sister is involved. Elsa still seems fairly hesitant, and Kristoff is just along for the ride again to be manly when he gets the chance and try to protect Anna, while in the meantime she’s bound to be more of an accidental protector. Olaf and Sven will be back as well, though it’s kind of a question as to whether Sven will remain with the group after this movie since in the trailer we can see a herd of reindeer thundering down the way. Ben Allen of RadioTimes has more to say about the movie.

So far the movie looks as though it might be a real gem and something that will help to top off the year for Disney as they’ve had a bang-up time thus far and have been pushing steadily forward. It’s likely that kids and even adults have been watching the first movie fairly often at this point just to remind themselves of everything that’s happened, but it does seem as though Frozen 2 won’t have as much bearing on the original, in terms of overall story, and might be its own entity overall. There will be expansion on the original story, but it still seems possible that Frozen 2 will be it’s own tale.

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