Five Movie Scenes That Take Place at a Waffle House

The Waffle House is a chain restaurant that has over 2,100 sites in 25 states across the United States. It’s been around since the 1950’s and has enjoyed a stellar reputation at times for the service and the food. While it’s a popular chain in those states where it appears it’s not as well known save for the occasional mention and perhaps by reputation since to some saying Waffle House could mean any diner that serves waffles. Of course there’s a big difference between a name and a menu item but with some people it’s all the same no matter how you cut it.

After all, a lot of places serve waffles in a variety of ways.

5. Due Date

If you’re allergic to something then the chances are good that you would normally avoid it at all costs. But what if the place you want to go to eat is a place that you can’t be around because it makes you sneeze uncontrollably? Some folks would grin and bear it and try to get through their meal like these two, but those who consider themselves sensible folks would likely keep on driving and find another place to eat.

4. ATL

There’s a lot going on this film and for good reason since there’s a lot going on in the lives of the lead characters. Life on the streets and working as honest men isn’t always something that seems appealing or even that great of an idea, but it beats getting shot by a drug dealer or finding yourself stuck in a rundown, beat up life that goes nowhere but to an early grave. Sometimes the hardest course is the one with the biggest payout.

3. Tin Cup

Some guys just don’t try and they still manage to get by. But it’s when they finally stand on their own two feet, usually after finding a good enough reason, that they discover just how far they can go and what it will take to get there. Not trying and surviving is a life of sorts, but not much of one if you really stand back and look at it. Trying for everything and failing is still more of a life than just getting by.

2. The LadyKillers

So admittedly this isn’t a Waffle House, but a Waffle Hut. Finding any more clips that have to do with Waffle Houses has been kind of difficult, which is to say almost impossible. This movie is all about a heist with the most unlikely of crews that don’t get along, don’t intend to get along, and are only in it until the job is done and they can part ways. The only problem is that throughout the film the crew continually harasses one another until finally they end up killing each other.

1. I Am Sam

So yes, this one takes place inside an IHOP, the only other waffle-related place I could find for a clip. But it’s a gripping scene since Sam, who is so used to his usual place that he goes to eat, decides to take his daughter Lucy somewhere different. It doesn’t go so well since no one knows him at IHOP and they obviously don’t know how to speak to him.

Deep conversations and shenanigans tend to happen at Waffle Houses and similar places.

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