Five Ways Jar Jar Binks Could be Redeemed in the Star Wars Universe

There’s no doubt that for all his goofy and good-natured, fun-loving awkwardness, Jar Jar Binks still somehow became the most hated character in Star Wars, and this is a story that features evils such as Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, and Jabba the Hutt. Somehow poor Jar Jar still managed to become the most maligned character of all time for some reason and was even pegged as a racist character to boot. Somehow people just up and forgot about the severe xenophobia that the Emperor and the Empire spread around the galaxy like a plague or the fact that they enslaved and tortured Wookies and many other species for no better reason than because they could. But some people have been bold enough to wonder if there are ways that Jar Jar could be redeemed in the current story and if he could somehow become a little more than the strange, goofball character that he’ll always be remembered as at this point. It’s hard to come up with ways that he might be able to find redemption, but if Vader could do it, and Ben Solo could do it, then it would sound as though Jar Jar, who had no idea that Palpatine would be so evil, should be able to clear his name.

Here are a few ways that Jar Jar Binks could find redemption in Star Wars.

5. Exile on a distant planet.

It’s brutal and it’s unkind, but having Jar Jar just go away and disappear on some backwater planet where no one can find him sounds like a great idea since it would appear that a lot of people just aren’t willing to even consider that he’s a worthy part of the story. What’s funny is that a lot of folks are actually more accepting of the Gungans as a race than they are of Jar Jar, which sounds pretty twisted. That’d be like saying that people love Chewbacca, which they do, but can’t stand Wookies. It might not make sense to some folks, but the thing is that Jar Jar was just one among many of his species.

4. Helping to find students for Luke’s Jedi academy.

This sounds like a lot of responsibility for such a clumsy individual, but one has to remember that Jar Jar was capable of simple tasks, and it’s easy to think that Luke might have use for Jar Jar since the Gungan knew his father before he turned evil, and could have plenty of stories to tell. That and Luke might actually have a soft spot for him since he’s known a few different individuals during his day that just needed a chance to show who they really were. All of these scenarios are dependent upon whether Disney would have any use for the character since there’s a good chance that they might want to scrap him.

3. Dying a hero’s death for the Rebellion.

This might actually be one of the only ways that redemption could be found for Jar Jar since it would mean that he’s gone, but at least he went out doing something right. But knowing how a lot of people feel about him, Disney might actually take the time to open up a movie or a show just to kill him at the very beginning and have done with it. Jar Jar would be a hero, but he wouldn’t be able to influence the project any longer and would be someone that might be talked about a couple of times but otherwise not even mentioned. It’s kind of a cheap way to do it, but it might work.

2. He could be an important record keeper somewhere.

I know, that sounds like a very awkward job to be giving to someone like Jar Jar since he’s so clumsy he’d probably muck it up somehow. But at the same time, it does keep him out of the way, and it could be that he’d be placed in charge of records that didn’t really matter just to get him out from underfoot. There are a lot of different ways to simply sock him away somewhere that he wouldn’t need to be mentioned, but apart from killing him off, it’s likely that placing him in some obscure spot with a boring job would at least keep him out of trouble.

1. He could perish saving someone important to the overall story.

Maybe he could give up his life to save a high-ranking member of the Rebellion and therefore go out like a hero. It could be a split-second decision or something he’d have to work up to, but any way one cuts it, Jar Jar would be remembered for his sacrifice and then fade into memory without too much fanfare. Again, it sounds like a very crude way to get rid of him, but better to die a hero than to live as a hated character.

Jar Jar wasn’t that bad really, and I’ll stand by that.

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