Five Actors Who Have Admitted They Don’t Really Like Acting

Five Actors Who Have Admitted They Don’t Really Like Acting

Five Actors Who Have Admitted They Don’t Really Like Acting

It sounds kind of silly to think that actors might not like acting, doesn’t it? That’s like saying you work in construction but can’t stand manual labor. But the truth of it is that a lot of actors don’t enjoy the more negative side of acting since despite all the perks that come with being paid millions of dollars to act like someone else, essentially, they don’t care for the backlash that comes from being famous at times. Obviously not everyone is going to receive the same treatment from the fans and the paparazzi and anyone else that has an opinion. But if anyone is going to cry a tear about it for those actors that really don’t like the downsides they have to face, it would be the more toxic fans that are willing to allow the celebrities to do and say pretty much anything they want since they’ve ‘earned’ that right. Let’s get it straight right now, a lot of those in the acting profession have been through their own trials and ordeals in life, and they’ve been through the crap like everyone else in some way. But if they didn’t want to be famous, then finding a way to ensure that their names would be among the most prominent in the world was kind of the wrong way to go about it. Given the IQ of some actors, it’s easy to wonder why in the world they couldn’t come up with another way to get rich and still keep their private lives as they appear to lament losing at times.

Here are just a few actors that really don’t like being famous.

5. Jack Gleeson

Jack is actually one of the few that stepped away from the business for his own reasons and is apparently glad that he did so since he was actually being given the same kind of hate that his character, King Joffrey Baratheon, was being given on Game of Thrones. Too many fans are willing to see actors in their most well-liked or despised roles and don’t see through that to the person beneath. There’s a definite need to see past that act and realize that the person beneath is doing what they can to earn a living, even if it’s bound to earn far more than many others. Still, it’s not an excuse to treat someone like garbage just because they’re acting the part of the bad guy.

4. Megan Fox

Ever since she really gained the kind of attention she was given for Transformers a lot of people have expected Megan Fox to be the sexy young woman that is there for visual appeal. The sad part of this is that she’s much more than this and while she’s said things that might have been better left unsaid, she’s still a human being with kids that would probably like to take on another role that doesn’t just take advantage of her sex appeal. But again, this is one of those times when a person really has to prove what they can do and that they’re worth the shot that they’re asking for. She’s on her way, slowly but surely.

3. Johnny Depp

Depp is kind of the type that is more likely to let things happen and ride them out since this is what he’s done for a good part of his life. It hasn’t always been positive and there’s no doubt that like so many other actors he’s taken the money and run with it, but his story has been kind of saddening as of late. Whether a person wants to believe him and feel sorry for Johnny during the whole divorce fiasco or not, Depp has been the kind of guy that probably shouldn’t be rich in the first place since his value of money doesn’t appear to be that refined. But hey, he’s the one doing the acting that earned it, so he gets to spend it the way he wants, for better or worse.

2. George Clooney

With everything he’s done and everything, he’s accumulated it’s fair to say that Clooney could probably retire and not want for anything for the rest of his life. That’s why the constant need to tell people what he wants to do as far as having a private moment and just walking through the park is kind of ridiculous since he could take charge of this matter and he’s not. Sometimes it’s a matter of saying “I’m done” and bowing out finally to have a quiet moment in retirement, where the paparazzi is only going to follow a person for so long before they move on to the next star.

1. Christian Bale

Is anyone else getting really tired of hearing how actors just want some time to themselves and don’t like the downfalls of acting? It’s life, we choose where we go, and we make that decision based on what we want. The fact that there are so many people out there that would give up body parts for the type of fortune that a person like Bale has makes it more than a little frustrating to think that they can’t deal with the downsides of their jobs. It’s a safe bet that a lot of people would trade their own downsides with any actor for at least a little while.

Seriously, Hollywood, buck up, your worst day isn’t bound to be any harder than what your fans deal with on a regular basis.

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