Five Disgraced Celebrities Who Should Never be Forgiven

Five Disgraced Celebrities Who Should Never be Forgiven

Five Disgraced Celebrities Who Should Never be Forgiven

It’s said in the Holy Bible let he who is without sin cast the first stone, but when we’re all sinners in one way or another it’s a little easier to let those stones fly since the degrees of sinning that are found in this world make it easy for those that sin a little to call out those that sin a lot. The downside of being an actor at times is facing the reality that if they do something wrong and get caught, the world is going to hear about it. Unfortunately, this also means that their lives and their careers can be stripped from them very quickly and without mercy since the will and the opinion of the public that reveres them can be just cruel as it is complimentary. People might enjoy the characters that actors play, but many fans will turn on a celebrity the moment they do something that is against the law or is seen as less than favorable by societal standards. While opinions vary on who’s truly disgraced and who is still popular, those on this list are those that many would claim have been disgraced or are disgraceful, or both, and aren’t really worth forgiving.

Here are just a few celebrities that many people don’t feel should be forgiven.

5. Kevin Spacey

Sexual assault is a nasty thing to accuse anyone of, but Spacey was faced with this charge a while back and it derailed his career in a big way and made a lot of people turn on him since the charge was considered to be horrible enough that many wanted him kicked out of Hollywood. We haven’t really seen much of him since then and a lot of people haven’t even spoken about him. If anyone remembers, his character was actually killed off in the show House of Cards, and a lot of people didn’t appear to mind. Even when the alleged victim pleaded the fifth and things went off the rails a little more, people were still calling for him to be ousted.

4. Jane Fonda

All one has to do is look up the name ‘Hanoi Jane’ to see how many people haven’t forgiven Fonda over the years. In truth, what she did and said during that time wasn’t so absolutely horrible that it should have followed her this far, but many people are unwilling to let go of it. Her career hasn’t been quite the same as it was when she was younger but she’s one of the many that people might say is a disgrace even without actually BEING a disgrace since she’s been doing quite well over the years. The intense amount of anger and hatred towards this woman is still there for those that remember, but it’s fading slowly.

3. Bill Cosby

How many Jello jokes have you heard since Bill Cosby was accused of sexual assault? The fact that he drugged and assaulted a woman years ago is something that has wiped away a lot of goodwill that people had for the man that used to be known as America’s Dad since he was such a beloved character. Many people don’t want to face the truth that their favorite actors are human and every bit as flawed as they might be, but when it comes down to someone that we’ve looked up to being capable of such heinous acts as this it’s even more devastating since a lot of people might understand it Cosby was a rowdy guy, but can’t handle learning that he’s a sexual predator.

2. Jeffrey Jones

Being someone that’s despicable enough to drug and sexually assault someone is bad enough, but anything dealing with child pornography is immeasurably worse in the eyes of many people. Let’s be honest, all of it is bad, from assault to exploiting kids, but the latter is something that many people would insist on an even greater punishment since kids are far more vulnerable than adults. But in terms of his career, Jones hadn’t been doing much of worth after a few big roles, and it’s fair to state that he was more likely to brought back for nostalgic reasons than for his acting talent. He was amusing at times, but otherwise, he was a supporting actor most times.

1. Stephen Collins

Collins actually married someone four decades younger than himself a couple of years back if one can believe that. There are a lot of ill-timed jokes that can be made about this subject, but you won’t hear them here. He actually moved to Iowa following his admission of sexual misconduct with minors, all of which happened so long ago that he can’t be charged for them, meaning he gets away without any real punishment apart from not being able to go back to show business without being completely vilified.

Showing no forgiveness feels harsh and unnecessary to many people, but there’s a line that some people shouldn’t cross.

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