10 Things You Didn’t Know about Serinda Swan

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Serinda Swan

Looking at Serinda Swan from the outside without getting to know her you might think that she’s one of the many self-absorbed and society-bound individuals that think that they’re above the common rabble and don’t need to associate with anyone below their station. But when you get to reading about her and the things she enjoys and the lifestyle she favors you get a better idea that she’s more down to earth than you think. Sure she enjoys the fame and the fortune and everything that comes with being a star, but from the way she talks and the things she’s interested in you can imagine that she enjoys simple things too and doesn’t stand on ceremony for a life that, to some, is quite luxurious. Not all stars think themselves so high and mighty as to be above their fans after all.

Here are a few things you might not have known about her.

10. She was named after a Tibetan flute.

It’s not everyone that’s named after an instrument, but for some reason her parents believed that this was a good idea and the name stuck. It’s a rather pretty name to be honest and rolls off the tongue quite nicely.

9. She’s a fan of Archie comics.

There is something about Archie comics that isn’t always completely innocent but still plays upon the nicer aspects of society that we tend to embrace and don’t ever think would become something negative. Plus they’re just fun to read sometimes.

8. She’s big into surfing and was a gymnast for 10 years.

So obviously she’s limber and likes to spend a lot of time outdoors, which is great. A lot of people would love to have this life but only a handful ever seem to unless they actively make the time to get out and do something.

7. She comes from a family that doesn’t mind working around or being in the spotlight.

Her father is a director and acting coach, her mother is a retired actress, and her sister is a model, so it’s very apparent that her family has no trouble being the public eye. That makes it even more apparent how she’s gained comfort in being a part of show business.

6. She played Medusa in The Inhumans.

It’s kind of disappointing how this series didn’t really go anywhere since it had a brilliant cast and the Inhumans have almost always been a beloved and interesting group of heroes in the comics. It could have been the way the series was handled however that really made it go nowhere in a big hurry. To be honest it would great to see it revisited and perhaps put into a movie format instead, where it might gain more attention to detail and a lot more hype.

5. She’s done some modeling in her life.

She has modeled for a few different companies and been seen to get into the swing of it, but modeling doesn’t seem to have been her thing as she’s not really that much into talking about herself or being so self-absorbed that the rest of the world just fades away and becomes all about her. In truth she seems much more grounded.

4. She was a waitress at one point.

This could have a big part in why she’s so grounded and more down to earth than a lot of people, as being a waitress gives you a unique experience that a lot of people somehow miss growing up. In serving others you get to see the best and worst of humanity believe it or not, and you get to deal with all of it in a way that almost forces you to consider what’s more important, being nice to everyone and getting paid, or speaking your mind and refusing to let them take advantage of you.

3. She would love to play the part of Catwoman.

Marvel fans shouldn’t be too disappointed since Sirenda has been with Marvel for the role of Medusa. Since the Inhumans was such a flop it could be that she might bring a bit more of that seductive grace to the role of Selena Kyle if she was picked up for the role.

2. She had a part in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

Sirenda wanted to play the part of Medusa, but that went to Uma Thurman instead and she was given the part of Aphrodite. You don’t get to see her a lot in the film as she’s more implied than anything, but it’s a part all the same.

1. She wasn’t really impressed with the life of a model.

Apart from the idea of having to be a size zero, which doesn’t make a lot of sense, she also didn’t care for the catering services since, as you can guess, models are fed like rabbits and don’t get to enjoy a lot of the good foods that might be desired on the set.

So yes, it seems as though she’s a lot more grounded than some, which makes her instantly likable.

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