10 Things You Didn’t Know about Carmeon Hamilton

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Carmeon Hamilton

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Carmeon Hamilton
Everyone loves a good reality show, especially when it involves home design of some sort (hello, Chip and Joanna!). It’s the best kind of television. There’s no plot to keep up with. It’s light and fun and relatable. It’s not dramatic. You don’t have bad dreams if you fall asleep at night watching it. It’s just the best kind of television. It’s also entertaining, and “Design Star: Next Gen,” is one of those shows that brings so much to the table. It’s time to get to know Carmeon Hamilton, star of the show and designer extraordinaire.

1. She’s a Memphis Native

You can find Carmeon in Memphis, where her brand and her family are located. The area is such a beautiful one, and we imagine that she derives a great deal of her own design inspiration from the area. So much can be said for the architecture both old and new, and we imagine her designs are visions she has when she’s driving around, walking with her family, and living her everyday life.

2. She’s A Little Bit of Everything

Don’t put Carmeon in any box and tell her to stay there. She’s the epitome of ‘you can do it all,’ and she’s not afraid to talk about it, either. She’s not just a designer. She’s a family woman. She’s a designer. She’s a business founder. She’s a blogger. She’s a content creator. She’s a merchandising consultant. We could go on, but we know you don’t have a week to read all that she is. Just know she’s good at all of it, and she’s proud of herself.

3. She’s Found Her Passion

We all have a passion, and some of us are luckier than others to find it, acknowledge it, and really put it to good work. Carmeon began her career working in the health care design world, but she knew it was not what her heart really wanted. She knew she wanted to get into residential design, and she found herself being pulled that direction. It was better, but it was her love of merchandising and design in the environmental aspect that really began to spark her passion.

4. She Describes Herself Simply

She’s absolutely modern bohemian. It might not sound simple to some, but it’s very simple to her because she knows it, she recognizes it, and she embraces it. Her concept is easy to understand. Everyday things are beautiful, but sometimes you have to find the beauty in them. If you look just right, you will find it.

5. She’s A Family Woman

The one thing she’s always putting first in her life outside of her career and business is her family. She’s a doting mom and wife, and there’s nothing in the world she loves more than her own husband and her own son. They’re a happy family of three. Her husband is Marcus, and their son is Davin.

6. She Recognizes the Importance of Environment

While we are sure she recognizes the importance of the actual environment, we are specifically talking about the environment that surrounds a person. The environment in which a person surrounds themselves has a profound effect on the way that person feels, lives, and loves. Carmeon knows this, and that’s why she’s so inspired to recreate spaces and places to make them so positive and uplifting.

7. Her College Major Wasn’t Design

Believe it or not, she did not go to college with the idea of becoming a designer. While at the University of Central Arkansas, she was a physical therapy major. However, her dorm was not her dream come true. She worked hard to bring in the right designs to make her own dorm feel like home, like a studio apartment, rather than a cinderblock square. People loved her space, and they took notice. That’s when she decided it was time to find a new major.

8. She’s a Winner Even if She Doesn’t Win

If this isn’t the most positive outlook on life, what is? Since we don’t know if she wins the show yet or not, she cannot tell us anything about it. However, she knows that whether she wins the competition or she doesn’t, she wins. She wins because the network brings in tens of millions of viewers each episode, and that makes her brand widely recognized. How do you call that a loss?

9. She’s Been with Her Husband a Long Time

She and her husband are long-time sweethearts. They’ve been together more than 14 years, married more than nine years, and they share an adorable 12-year-old son (is 12 the age when we go from adorable to handsome or do we get to stick with adorable because moms always see their babies as babies and calling a son handsome implies he’s getting older, which is not what moms like to believe?). They’ve built quite a life together, and they are very proud.

10. She’s the Founder of Her Own Company

We mentioned earlier she began her own business, but we didn’t delve too far into it. She founded Nubi Interiors. It’s a design company that she works hard to expand, and her time on the reality television competition is something she’s hoping will continue to expand her business. We wish her all the luck, but with her dynamic personality – we don’t think she needs it.

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