Five Things You Didn’t Know about Jim Acosta

Anybody that typically follows reporting, especially in the political realm, probably already knows who Jim Acosta is. However, if you aren’t familiar with his work, you should know that he is central to virtually everything that CNN does these days. Without a doubt, Acosta has paid his dues, starting out in relatively small, local markets and then moving onto larger ones until he finally arrived at CNN. After a number of promotions there, he is now considered one of the most influential individuals at the network, especially when it comes to political reporting. Below are five things that you might not know about him, all of which are central to both his work and the person he has become.

1. He knows a thing or two about politics

Make no mistake about it, Acosta doesn’t just report on politics, he knows about the inner workings associated with politics. This means he knows how politicians think and act. In fact, he actually has a minor in political science to go with his major in communications. When you think about it in these terms, it makes perfect sense that he typically reports on political events and on politicians in general.

2. His father is a Cuban refugee

When Acosta’s father was just at the tender age of 11, he came to the United States as a Cuban Refugee. He spent the rest of his youth in Virginia and essentially set the stage for what would become his son’s future many years later. As a direct result, Acosta has strong feelings about the events that have been going on in Cuba for decades, especially when it comes to the way that Cubans have been treated, both within their native country and in the United States as refugees.

3. He volunteered in college

While he was attending college, Acosta decided that one of the most effective ways to get real world experience for his chosen career field would be to volunteer in that same field. Soon thereafter, he was volunteering at a local radio station and learning the ropes at a very early age. This is something he used as a foundation to build everything else upon, not to mention getting his feet wet in the business.

4. He traveled to Cuba with President Obama

As previously mentioned, he has rather strong feelings about Cuba and the way the country treats their people. When President Obama made his history-making trip to the country to re-establish a relationship between Cuba and the United States, Jim Acosta was right there reporting on the entire thing. It must have been a very moving experience to be there with the president reporting on something that was so near and dear to his heart, especially considering the fact that his father is a refugee from Cuba.

5. He has butted heads with Trump

As a political reporter who knows his stuff, he has gone toe-to-toe with Donald Trump more than once. While there are a number of individuals that find themselves in the same boat, Jim Acosta knows politics so well that he can comfortably interact and exchange ideas with most politicians. However, there are some that are made uncomfortable by his immense knowledge and therefore would prefer to shut him down as opposed to interacting. At least that’s how it looks.

There you have it. Jim Acosta is at the top of his game, but now you know many of the reasons why he is so passionate about the work he does.

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