Five Things To Take Away from the Thor: Love & Thunder Teaser

Five Things To Take Away from the Thor: Love & Thunder Teaser

There’s still a little while until Thor: Love and Thunder will be released to the theaters, but the teaser is bound to be enough to get people talking and will likely keep them excited to see what else comes next as the days roll by. One can’t help but think that it’s great to see that the movie won’t simply negate the ‘fat Thor’ image as the teaser shows him working out and at the same time shows several stunning sets that are bound to make people happy. The Guardians of the Galaxy will be present as well, but it remains to be seen whether everything is going to be the fan’s liking since it does appear that there will be a fair amount of chaos that might send people into a tizzy thinking about Easter eggs and where and how they might appear.  Here are five things, out of the many, that we noted about the teaser. 

5. Asgard has become a tourist attraction. 

This has already been mentioned in several articles, but it does appear that it might take a toll on the people and change Asgardian culture at the same time. Valkyrie’s appearance and apparent attitude make it feel as though this added attention is going to take the joy of relocating. How this will affect the MCU is tough to say since it has to be mentioned that the removal of the Asgardians from their homeworld to earth is a huge shift, and it’s fair to state that once the area was opened to tourists, their lifestyle was bound to change in a big way since life on earth is very different than in the home of the gods. 

4. We could be seeing more Olympians in the years to come. 

The shot of Olympus and the back of Zeus was telling since it means that we could be seeing another pantheon emerging in the MCU, which would be interesting since it’s possible that Hercules might finally make his entrance and become another big name for the franchise. That’s a big if so far, but it would still be a lot of fun to see since the demigod is still a fun character and someone that is immensely strong, even more so than Thor it’s been stated, but is also a bit of a braggart, again, even more so than Thor. But for all that, it does feel that this could be a good thing since it can help to expand the franchise. 

3. Thor is going to be doing some soul-searching. 

This is something that Thor has needed to do for a while, but watching him sitting down to meditate isn’t something that a lot of people were thinking about likely, but it’s interesting enough to think that he might find some sort of inner balance. But seeing him plant Stormbreaker in the ground and say that his hero days are over sounds like something that runs counter to who the character is. Thinking that he still feels a certain way after Endgame is easy enough since the Infinity Saga took a lot out of many heroes in the MCU. But thinking that Thor might be trying to retire leaves mixed feelings. 

2. Mjolnir will be repaired. 

This has already been discussed as well since the fact that Lady Thor would need to possess a weapon had already come up a while ago. But thinking that the original Mjolnir would be reassembled and fused back together is interesting since revealing the original weapon and placing it in the hands of the new Thor does make a lot of sense. There’s the rumor that she knows how to access the abilities of Mjolnir better than Thor Odinson does, but we’ll get to see if this happens in the movie to come. It will be rather intriguing to see her in action since it does feel like a natural progression as the MCU moves along. 

1. Gorr won’t look like what people were hoping to see.

The image that people have seen might not be the final form, or it might be something that isn’t complete, but thus far the image that Christian Bale has been given as Gorr the God Butcher doesn’t look as though it will satisfy a lot of fans. That could change and it could become something that people will rally around. But at the moment his character does look like something that’s going to be fully accepted. There’s still time to figure out what’s really going on, but the fact is that there are bound to be characters that people have been waiting on might appear in the same manner that is expected. There are plenty of other things to note when it comes to the teaser, but as of now, one can only imagine that some folks have analyzed and broken the teaser down frame by frame. 


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