Why Gorr the God Butcher Deserves a Solo Movie

Why Gorr the God Butcher Deserves a Solo Movie

Why Gorr the God Butcher Deserves a Solo Movie

The reason for seeing Gorr the God Butcher in a solo movie is pretty simple: people want to know more about who he is and what he does. His title is pretty self-explanatory, but seeing for ourselves just how he came to be the character that’s he’s going to be in Thor: Love and Thunder in the next movie would be kind of interesting, not to mention that it might actually explain to a lot of people how villains are kind of born not just out of a desire to do evil, but also out of the idea that some of them kind of take the need for vengeance way too far. The fact that Gorr lost everything important to him was enough to make a person think that he might have a point when it comes to punishing gods that appear to exist without any need or desire to pay attention to those that appear to be so far beneath them that they don’t deserve any consideration. The obvious thing to note would that this character would need to be mostly motion capture as a few notable characters have been in the MCU so far, but that doesn’t feel as though it would be a huge detractor since to be fair, some of the best characters in the MCU are done with motion capture since finding anyone big enough to take on the roles, or those that could pull off the look with practical effects, might be kind of difficult, if not utterly impossible.

What might be kind of interesting is to see if Christian Bale would play this character in a solo movie since he’s already taking on the role in the next Thor movie. Maybe it will depend on whether or not he really enjoys his time in the MCU, but at this time it does feel as though seeing Gorr in few minor appearances here and there might be a better way to introduce him into the MCU than just slamming him into a movie and saying ‘here he is’. The point of his that a lot of the fans that watch these movies don’t tend to read the comic books, which means that unless the heroes and villains are so well-known to the general public they’re bound to be seen as brand new and not at all familiar. Like it or not, there are several characters that have been in the MCU as of now that a lot of people weren’t fully aware of until they saw them on the big screen. Some folks didn’t even know who Thanos was, and he’s been a pretty major villain in the Marvel universe for quite a while, but Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and even a few other names are known quite well since they’ve been marketed to such a degree that their faces and their names are just about everywhere, and Black Widow has reached that level of fame as well since she too has been hyped out of control.

But Gorr is a different type of animal altogether since this is a being that actively takes on and takes out gods, beings that are thought to be among the most powerful of most in the Marvel universe. It’s true, some gods are obviously greater than others, but Gorr has taken on three different versions of Thor from different timelines, AT THE SAME TIME, which is a feat even Thanos couldn’t stand against since he would fold no matter if he had the Infinity Gauntlet or not, and in the comics as well as live-action. That’s a big reason why Gorr would be interesting to see since the origin story that turned him into a being that could stand toe to toe with gods and take them down is one that might be worth telling simply because it introduces a different power in the MCU that would start putting a lot of people in their place in terms of power since like it or not, Captain Marvel would no longer be the most powerful individual in the MCU, the most powerful hero maybe, and that’s a big maybe, but definitely not the most powerful of all. Just reading his bio, it’s obvious that Gorr would stomp pretty much anyone that stood against him on their own, which means that a team effort would be needed to take him on and take him out, as it’s bound to be shown in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Whether it happens or not the thought is one that might keep a lot of people talking since maybe Disney+ could include a series that would give various characters their own hour-long episode to develop their character and show people why they belong in the MCU. That would be kind of an interesting show, to be honest.

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